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The 2013 Mary Meeker Report is Here!

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on June 6, 2013
The 2013 Mary Meeker Report is Here!
Like most internet and mobile nerds, we here at Smaato anxiously await the yearly coveted Mary Meeker Internet Trends report, and excitedly unwrap it the moment is is published. This year was no exception.

For those of you that don't follow the internet trends like some of us here, the Mary Meeker Report is probably the most influential, data driven piece put together each year outlining the trends, changes, opportunities, challenges and estimations of the tech world. Mary Meeker has branded herself over the years as the eyes and ears into the computing, internet and mobile industry.

This years report boasts a relatively light 117 slide deck. Broken out by categories, it dives into the following parts:

1. Key Internet Trends

2. Re-Imagination (of the tech and online world)

3. Mobile

4. Computing

5. Lots to Learn from China (and trust us, this part is very interesting)

6. So, You Want to Be a Public Company? (Discussing the trends in internet companies that have successfully done so.)

7. High-Skilled Immigration (An interesting, data based perspective on where America is losing it's advantages)

A couple key takeaways that were brought to light in this report were:

1. The expansion of the mobile markets, and where the future lies in tech. It is very apparent to anyone living in today's world what strides the mobile and tablet markets are making, but the data in this report gives a very compelling perspective into how quickly the new medium is taking over.

2. The future of devices. Mary Meeker clearly made a name for herself by being really the first to publish her impressions on mobile eventually taking over the internet industry a number of years back. Now she is talking heavily about the next iteration of tech gear being wearable, drivable and flyable devices. These are the products that are going to track, store and share information like never before.

3. The rise of sharing information. Over the last 4 years we have seen an explosion of user generated content. This is a trend that will only continue as the usage of mobile devices, and social media outlets continue to ramp up. The ease of snapping and sharing is changing the face of technology and internet in a way that cannot be matched.

4. Finally, the globalization of it all. The part that was particularly interesting was the presentation of how the world is really coming together through all of this innovation. From financial segments, to government and education, the world is changing quickly, and this technology is really leading the charge.

Check out the latest report here.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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