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Striking Bad Ads from Smaato Ad Exchange

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Posted by Andrew Gilligan on June 23, 2014
Ad Quality in Smaato Ad Exchange

Misbehaving ad creatives can be disruptive to your users and costly to your brand. With over 90 billion impressions served worldwide every month across SMX, Smaato values the importance of ad quality for your mobile inventory. We are dedicated to ensure only high quality ads reach your mobile property; we make this our top priority.

To get to the root of the problem, our SDK(s) now blocks all auto-redirect, auto-expand and auto-download ads. Smaato’s SDK(s) stops creatives that attempt to expand or redirect to other sites, without users’ interaction. These types of ads cannot execute their invasive behavior anymore, which represent a violation of our creative policy. Consequently, the overall user experience is preserved.

As part of our ad quality initiative, we’ve also implemented rigorous processes to tackle ad quality violations. This is how we proceed:

We have developed a robust platform to scan every single creative served across SMX. Based on specific algorithm, the platform notifies our ad quality team to inspect the creative.

Our dedicated ad quality team reviews, promptly blocks bad creative from SMX and immediately contacts the responsible source.

In parallel, we pro-actively educate our 260+ demand sources on our ad content policy to create a marketplace where high-quality ads are delivered to great mobile content.

We continuously make enhancements to our ad quality monitoring system, so rest assured that Smaato is committed to keep our ad exchange healthy and trustworthy.

Written by Andrew Gilligan

Smaato's Senior Director, Product Strategy Andrew Gilligan brings more than 10 years of advertising technology experience to Smaato's product strategy team. He has extensive knowledge in desktop and mobile ad serving as well as deep expertise in yield optimization and the SSP space.

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