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Our SPX Platform Added Some Amazing New Features

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Posted by Jay Hinman on September 15, 2015

Today we’re announcing a big boost to our SPX platform to provide our publisher partners with some exciting new monetization tools to get them ready for the busy Q4 season.

SPX now includes a super-simple “point and click” native advertising builder, which allows publishers to take advantage of this proven revenue driver, and to deliver native ads where they might have previously delivered banner ads or interstitials. It’s the first fully-functional native ad builder for mobile publishers, and it makes these ads easier to create than ever before. Publishers who use Smaato’s platform are now fully empowered to build native ad campaigns in a variety of formats and sizes that they know will look best in their apps or websites and connect with their audiences best.
Not only can publishers choose how their mobile ads look and feel, with our announcement today, we’ve also empowered them to choose how these native ad campaigns are sold in the Smaato exchange - giving them more leverage than ever before to strike more premium, high-revenue deals. With our new private marketplace functionality, Smaato’s publishers can assign inventory to a certain number of programmatic buyers, allowing them to compete for the impressions in a private auction. Of course, they are still able to select a preferred deal buying model, in which the publisher sets up a first–look, fixed price, pre–auction deal for a particular buyer.

This news also marks an expansion of Smaato’s Dynamic Demand from three components to four. Dynamic Demand is our real-time programmatic competition within the platform among all types of demand for the highest eCPMs for publishers. Now, it will automatically choose the advertising source in a publisher’s stack that offers the highest eCPM based on:

    1. Direct campaigns
    2. Smaato’s RTB exchange and ad network mediation
    3. Publisher-owned ad networks
    4. Private Marketplace

We’re even improving how we make video ad buying programmatic by certifying VAST-compliant video inventory, and allowing it to be monetized via private exchanges or in the open market.

It’s a big new release for us, and we’re excited to share it with you. Go ahead and sign up for – or log in to – SPX and see what we’ve recently built to improve monetization for mobile publishers and app developers around the world.



Written by Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman is Smaato's VP of Marketing. He leads Smaato's global marketing team across its key locations in San Francisco, Hamburg, Singapore and New York.


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