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Smaato's VP Strategy at Singapore Mobile Show 2012

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on May 16, 2012
Smaato's VP Strategy at Singapore Mobile Show 2012
The Asian Pacific Region powers the growth of the mobile industry

What used to be a simple handphone turned into a mobile computer enabling people and companies to manage their life from any place . Smaato VP Strategy Axel Hoehnke about innovation in mobile - influencing the buying of Digital Media and offline industries like retail, travel and automotive at The Mobile Show in Singapore.

Innovation in mobile bringing innovation to other industries.

While traditional desktop is about content - mobile is now about context as it understands more data which may be individually provided by the user or from sensor tracking by GPS technology or NFC chip sets.

How Smaato is responding to innovations?

We have been in mobile for 6 years and we finally sees premium brands advertising in the mobile channel. As the phones are smart and easy to use, the mobile users expects his most loved brands to be present in the mobile channel. We connect these brands to ad space from publishers on a global scale.

Smaato has access to these ad spaces as the publisher of an app or mobile website needs earnings and we provide the publisher with advertising revenues, coming from a global group of specialized ad networks. These ad networks fill the ad spaces with ads according to our allocation technology and finally bring the right campaign to the right ad space at the right time and device.

Follow Axel @AxelHoehnke.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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