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Smaato’s Global Trends in Mobile Advertising - Q4 2015

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on March 23, 2016

Smaato recently unveiled our new Global Trends in Mobile Advertising Report for Q4 2015. This report  provides key facts, mobile trends and ad spending  insights drawn from the analysis of over 300 billion ad impressions across one billion unique mobile devices each month on the Smaato platform.

In Q4 2015, we highlighted six global trends across the mobile landscape: 

2015: A Transformational Year in Mobile

In 2015, mobile ad spending in the United States surpassed desktop advertising for the first time.  For the first time, mobile advertising in the U.S. captured a majority 51% share of all digital ad spending in 2015. In 2016, mobile ad spending is expected to surpass desktop ad spending globally.

China’s Rapid Mobile Ad Spend Growth

While the U.S. mobile ad market experienced healthy growth and continued to lead the world with the highest volume of both ad impressions and ad spending, China is now the fastest growing market globally in terms of ad spending  on our platform - by far. Additionally, in Q4 2015, the Chinese market tripled its ad impression growth versus Q4 2014.

Mobile Ad Spend Moves In-App

Apps not only continue to dominate mobile websites in terms of ad spending on the Smaato platform but are picking up share. In-app ad spending on the Smaato platform grew from 65% to 78% in only 12 months.



Android Narrows eCPM Gap on iOS

In Q4 2015, both iOS and Android experienced significant eCPM growth. However, Android experienced much larger eCPM growth than iOS.

Data Is the New Currency in Mobile

In Q4 2015, publishers who provided reliable data such as location, gender and/or age generated significantly more revenue than publishers that did not share this information. Ad impressions that contained data saw 3 times  higher eCPM growth than ones without data.

U.S. Holiday Mobile Ad Spend Peaks Earlier

In previous years, U.S. holiday ad spending peaked on Christmas Eve.  However, Q4 2015 data from the Smaato platform showed that U.S. advertiser spending peaked significantly  earlier this year.


Your Global Trends in Mobile Advertising Report

Written by Smaato Inc.


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