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Posted by Garrett McGrath on June 29, 2014
The Smaato Self-Serve Publisher Platform
Mobile-first publisher ad server directly connected to the world’s leading mobile RTB exchange and SSP

The first ever Dynamic Demand platform in mobile Monetization

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Smaato self-serve Publisher Platform (SPP), an enterprise grade mobile-first ad server that puts the full power of the world’s leading mobile monetization exchange and mediation SSP directly in the hands of the publisher.

App developers and mobile Web publishers can reach more than 270+ aggregated global demand sources with a single integration across increasing mobile advertising spends. Smaato reaches 450 million unique users in 130 countries and serves 90 billion impressions per month -- and growing. Mobile advertising is the fastest growing advertising spend category interested in accessing audiences on mobile applications. According to Gartner, global mobile advertising spend will reach $18billion this year and expected to grow to $41.9 billion by 2017.

SPP features truly unique Dynamic Demand technology, which optimizes advertising revenue across all direct, indirect, and programmatic buys. Dynamic Demand makes every impression discretely compete with all ad server and exchange demand, driving maximum publisher advertising revenue on a per impression basis.

The all-new Smaato Publisher Platform features include:

Full Publisher Controls – SPP gives you complete control to set up your inventory and manage demand. From setting floor prices to enabling or disabling demand channels, you have the ultimate control on how to maximize yield through your app or Web inventory.

Enterprise Grade Self-serve Ad ServerSell campaigns directly to advertisers; create orders and line items, traffic creatives and third party ad tags. Advanced options for line item targeting include by app or site, ad space, ad size, geography, day part, custom key values, devices, connection type and audience.

Programmatic Direct and Private Exchange – Negotiate preferred deals with RTB buyers, expose inventory and data at set prices or floors, all managed via a dedicated Deal IDs.

New features in RTB exchange and ad network meditation:

RTB Exchange Rules– Set exchange-wide floor prices or create granular floors using the Exchange Rules feature. This feature will enable you to create a custom floor price for a brand and/or buyer. You can then target an exchange rule by app/site and adspace, geo, day part, custom key values, devices, connection, or audience. An advanced blacklist/whitelist feature lets you block specific domains, IAB content categories, and approve or block buyers and brands.

Dynamic Floor Price Management– Dynamic Floor Price Management works automatically in the background of the Smaato exchange to maximize yield from your app and web inventory. This intelligent system adjusts market floor prices in near real-time for the combined ad network and DSP demand, plus all RTB bidding behavior. The Dynamic Floor Price Management system respects publisher minimum floors while maximizing market performance. Most importantly this all occurs pre-auction while still creating most optimum marketplace transactions.

Fully Integrated Network Mediation DemandUse the API and/or tag-based network mediation feature to manage all ad network relationships, Smaato or publisher-owned. Pull 3rd party revenue information from the ad networks you are working with then let SPP optimize CPM values automatically, or manually control CPMs per network. Advanced targeting options let you restrict the ad network access across geography and relevant targeting options.

Powerful Dashboards and Reports – SPP reporting dashboards give you critical top-level view of your revenue by demand channels and/or by app/site. Dashboard reports can be customized and saved and later scheduled for recurring automated delivery.

The all new self-serve Smaato Publisher Portal launches in July 2014.

Contact your account manager or visit Smaato.com for information about being part of the beta program.

Written by Garrett McGrath

Garrett is Smaato's Senior Vice President, Product.

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