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Smaato Mobile Advertising Roundtable San Francisco - What Were the Experts Most Excited About and What Happened in 2010 so far?

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on April 23, 2010

Mobile advertising leader Smaato invited international mobile experts to roundtable discussions in San Francisco and London towards the end of 2009. As expected some fascinating insights emerged from the discussions, including regional and industry trends and what everyone was most excited about for 2010.

Michael Bayle - Amobee: "[…] I think it will be encouraging when we marry and tether offline measurement of sales to mobile media impact. You know, beginning to see Comscores and Nielsens to get energized around that, because then marketers have no excuse. And once they have no excuse we’re all in."

Cheryl Lucanegro - Pandora: "[…] But I think the new smart phones are your computer. You can take it everywhere and its way more personal than a computer is, because it’s like your car keys. You take it everywhere. And you can be very, very contextually relevant, targeted, and intimate with someone with the phone. And I’m looking forward to the advertising applications that we can do, along with what we can do with the product itself."

Tobias Kemper -Nimbuzz: "I’m looking forward to the year of affordable, all-you-can-eat data plans in mobile. I will be very content with just an all-you-can-eat data plan as part of your $50 a month voice-data-everything package because then not only will I find it easier to recommend my application to my friends, but they will also use it, and they will be able to use it. And finally because more people will be able to choose we might see that “one killer app” finally pop out there that I can recommend to my mom and say, “This is what they need” in mobile."

The San Francisco discussion was podcasted by Brian Prows from Mobile Beyond:
Part 1: http://im-mobile.com/2009/11/23/smaato-mobile-advertising-roundtable-san-francisco-2009-part-one/
Part 2: http://im-mobile.com/2009/11/25/smaato-mobile-advertising-roundtable-san-francisco-part-two/

Please find here the transcript of the podcast here.

The next Smaato Roundtable discussions will be held in Singapore and Berlin in May 2010.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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