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Smaato Adds New Capabilities to its Mobile Ad Platform

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on August 15, 2012

Smaato, the leading mobile supply side platform and mobile ad exchange, today introduces three new capabilities to its industry leading mobile ad optimization platform, which includes the Smaato Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange, the Smaato Ad Server and Smaato Mediation. Smaato’s latest features aim to help mobile app developers and publishers more effectively monetize on a global scale.

Smaato Mobile RTB Exchange

Based on the OpenRTB standard version 2.0, Smaato's new global mobile RTB Exchange will provide Ad Networks and Demand Side Platform Providers (DSPs) access to high quality inventory and targeted mobile audiences, helping to increase eCPM and ad revenues for over 58,000 app developers and publishers currently using Smaato technology.

The Smaato global mobile RTB Exchange will deliver enhanced targeting options and increased access to a larger pool of high quality premium campaigns, which will in turn help to improve ad quality and relevance for advertisers. Other key Smaato RTB features include providing full transparency into ad serving as well as the ability to automate campaign settings, enabling campaign managers to “set and forget” and reduce campaign workload.

The RTB exchange will also include a unique web-based RTB self-service testing portal, allowing Ad Networks and DSPs to test OpenRTB implementations. In doing so, DSPs and Ad Networks can conduct trigger tests at any given time. Once a DSP or an Ad Network has passed they can then go live without further verification, bringing enormous time savings for Ad Networks and DSPs and eliminating the need for manual testing.

More information about Smaato's RTB Exchange here.


Smaato Ad Server

Other capability to be included is the introduction of the Smaato Ad Server which allows mobile app developers and website publishers to cross-promote or sell inventory directly to advertisers through their own sales forces. The Smaato Ad Server will also offer all standard ad server functionalities, such as the ability to support video and rich media, as well as offering a wide range of targeting capabilities.


Smaato Mediation

The addition of Smaato Mediation aims to help mobile app developers and website publishers easily and flexibly route traffic according to requirements. In addition to having control over traffic, Smaato’s data-driven optimization engine also sources top paying ads, enabling mobile app developers and website publishers to get top dollar for premium inventory.

Smaato Mediation does not require a separate 3rd party SDK, which means very little integration is required in order to leverage multiple Ad Networks on a global scale.


Smaato Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

Our mission is to extend our platform with advanced new components to better serve the requirements and goals of fast-growing mobile app developers and mobile website publishers who want to monetize their inventory on a global level, said Ragnar Kruse, Co- Founder and CEO of Smaato.

With the availability of the new Smaato features, our customers and partners have all functionalities they need to be successful on a single optimization platform. This is a big advantage for our customers and helps them maximize their ad revenue through an easy- to-use, one-stop global ad optimization platform. For us this is a big step forward and it emphasizes our deep understanding of customer requirements and our market position as a technology leader and global monetization expert.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or give us a call.

Written by Smaato Inc.

Smaato is the leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. We run the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange and we've been pioneering innovative, mobile-first solutions for publishers since 2005.

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