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Posted by Melissa King on November 19, 2015
Ajitpal Pannu at The App Guy Podcast

Our own Chief Business Officer Ajitpal Pannu is featured on today’s episode of The App Guy podcast. Paul Kemp, a British app maker who hosts the weekly App Guy podcast, “helps app entrepreneurs take inspiration from the app journeys of others in the app world.” He interviews experts in the app development industry on a range of subjects that app developers and publishers might find useful in their own app-making journeys.

In this interview, Ajitpal and Paul chat about a wide range of topics – from the various types of monetization solutions available, the best moneymaking strategies for app devs, to the recent ad-blocking dilemma that has taken the industry by storm. Ajitpal and Paul also discuss user experience, machine learning, and general pain points within the app industry.

Ajitpal_Pannu.jpg“If advertisers are interested in your app’s audiences and if advertisers find value in those audiences, you have a programmatic way of not only attracting those audiences globally within the iOS or Android app store, but also monetizing those ad impressions where people are viewing your app.”
- Ajitpal Pannu on The App Guy Podcast, Episode 377


Don’t miss this interview on The App Guy’s Podcast – Listen in here!


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Written by Melissa King

Melissa is Smaato's Marketing Manager at office headquarters in San Francisco. She manages all events and marketing communication in America as well as Smaato's social media​.


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