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Posted by Bertrand Rothen on March 27, 2015
Native Ads in Your App with Smaato

Looking for new ways to engage your audience? Although the traditional mobile advertising formats can be very effective for brand promotion and awareness, Native Advertising is rapidly gaining momentum. With industry players like Yahoo attesting "effectively integrated Native Ads" to gain 3X more attention and 2,6X higher CTRs than non-Native Mobile Ads and the IAB - upon a Native Ad industry valuation of $331 million for 2014 - expecting "a billion dollar opportunity for publishers in the near future", don't expect this surge to wear off anytime soon.

Generally referring to "advertising content which visually follows the host media's convention appearance", Native Advertising is a very effective, as well as minimally invasive way to present ads to your users. Here's why:

  • User experience is undisrupted - because the ads match the look and feel of your app's non-ad content
  • Awareness is increased - Native ads are less susceptible to by-default ignorance ("banner blindness")
  • Engagement is improved - because Native ads imply a more "intertwined" experience, users generally are less afraid of being "taken away" (i.e. moved over to a different app) upon engaging (in addition, Yahoo as well as the AOP (Association of Online Publishers) concluded a predominantly positive reception of native ads among consumers)

Native Advertising in you app with Smaato

Prime candidates for app or site use cases of mobile advertising are social, news, media and other apps with curated content.

We've now launched Native Advertising Support, which enables publishers to receive tailored content bits and integrate them into their app as desired, and advertisers to diversify their native advertising reach.

If you're interested in integrating native advertising with Smaato, update your SDK. If you're integrated via API, refer to our documentation.

Written by Bertrand Rothen

Bertrand is Smaato's Manager of Product Marketing, driving product & development-related marketing activities and interfacing market & product requirements.


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