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Posted on Smaato Inc. on May 29, 2015
Mobile Monetization and Advertising in a Secure Marketplace

The mobile ecosystem is a hotbed for fraudulent ad creatives, bad content sites and non-legit traffic all battling for a piece of the pie. The burden is on publishers and advertisers to choose the right partner with whom to monetize and advertise. Using a combination of human expertise and sophisticated automated systems, Smaato enforces safe campaigns for all mobile inventory as well as quality sites for advertising campaigns.

To better serve the market, we divided our Market Quality Team into two areas: Ad Quality and Traffic Quality.


Mobile Ad Control

Ad Control

The ad quality team scans and controls the traffic 24/7, covering all time zones.


Our internal technology & 3rd party expertise ensure a safe environment for publishers.


Smaato’s SDK acts as an automatic blocking tool for pop-ups and autoredirects.

Smaato’s Ad Quality team protects publishers' apps and mobile websites from undesirable ads that interrupt the user’s experience.

Across our exchange worldwide, our technology flags ads such as malware, autoredirects, autodownloads and any creative that does not meet publishers' quality standards. Smaato’s content policy is aligned with the IAB and AAAA category guidelines, and we block any demand partner who is not in compliance.


Clean Traffic

We make sure content is legit at various stages of the adspace lifecycle in SPX.

Mobile Ad Control

Fraud Protection

Our internal account verification process assures only genuine site owners reach our network.

Mobile Ad Control


Our ever-improving in-house quality tools detect and block bad traffic via big-data analysis.

Smaato’s Traffic Quality team’s mission is to divert any mobile sites or apps with non-valuable content away from our exchange, ensuring the quality of all adspaces running in SPX. Any site that does not comply with our Terms & Conditions is instantly blocked from our inventory. By maintaining a safe environment, Smaato provides the trust that demand partners need to advertise on our exchange, which ensures advertising dollars go straight to your mobile site. In parallel, we make sure our publishers get the highest eCPMs possible to maximize their mobile ad revenue.

The end result is a secure platform that protects both advertisers, app developers and mobile website publishers from all major risk.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll offer some food for thought on the quality of the mobile ecosystem while sharing our advice on how to protect your users and advertisers.

Our Smaato content guidelines and Terms & Conditions outline the quality of our platform, with a keen eye toward preserving the user experience. Contact Smaato’s Ad Quality team or Traffic Quality team with any questions.


Market Quality Team

Written by Smaato Inc.

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