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Mobile Advertising Trends for the Upcoming Holiday Season 2012

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on December 10, 2012
Mobile Advertising Trends for the Upcoming Holiday Season 2012
Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already passed, delivering substantial Holiday B2C and retail turnover spikes and leveraging the relevance of mobile advertising campaigns and promotions.

The numbers are sure to raise some eyebrows - according to Nanigans, IBM reported that on average 16% of Black Friday online sales in the US came from mobile — a number up 65% from the 10% the channel contributed to online sales in 2011. Retail giant eBay saw a 153% increase in mobile volume transacted on Black Friday, with PayPal seeing a nearly 3-fold increase in mobile payments that same day.

With this remarkable rise to significance in mind, the question of how to make the most of the December Holiday with mobile advertising ubiquitously arises.

We suggest that you especially take note of the 3 following impending trends:

1) In-store shopping enhancing mobile campaigns

The location information provided by most mobile devices nowadays is estimated to drive value to mobile usage on “physical” shopping trips, being able to display ads and offers based on the user’s shopping behavior.

2) Increase in relevance and favorability

The resulting augmented level of relevance for the consumer, factoring in the usage of lat/long data as well as demographics and behavioral data (Facebook interaction), is probable to drive an increase in response and interaction, which in turn drives value for content publishers as well as advertisers.

3) Multichannel campaigns and cross-channel integration

This year’s holiday season is not only expected to see a strong shift towards mobile, social and local advertising, but also towards a stronger integration of those into campaigns that feature other advertising channels, be it billboards with QR-Codes or a TV ad referencing a discount upon a social media location check-in.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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