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Microsoft Sees 20% Increase in Windows 10 App Monetization

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on March 30, 2017
Microsoft Sees 20% Increase in Windows 10 App Monetization


What really matters to app developers? High on the list is monetization strategy, one of the most important challenges for any app developer today. An effective mobile monetization solution must offer developers high yields with consistency, transparency and reliability.

Today we would like to share with you the impressive success story of one of our large customer partners – Microsoft.


This digital marketplace has delivered 7.5 million hours of store engagement since the launch of Windows 10.

Microsoft is on a mission to help Windows 10 app developers succeed.

Smaato's partnership with Microsoft was built around a shared goal of maximizing revenue for Windows 10 app publishers. Given the global adoption of Windows 10, Microsoft needed a global monetization solution with significant geographic reach and scale that could provide consistent, transparent and reliable global fill and high yields. 

By collaborating with Smaato, Microsoft found a partner who could deliver what they were looking for with a deep understanding of the unique needs and priorities of Windows app publishers.

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Smaato's Full-Feature Mobile Monetization Platform

Smaato is set up as a full-service ad platform for Windows app developers —Microsoft simply delivers requests from their Windows 10 app developer community to fill ad inventory. Smaato's Windows 10 Ad SDK is available to developers as part of the client-side ad mediator to expedite monetization. Even better, Windows 10 app developers can leverage Smaato's Real-Time Bidding (RTB), an auction-based system that stacks demand partners to bid for mobile inventory in real time. In addition to generating revenue from the open exchange, Microsoft developers are able to take advantage of Smaato’s Private Marketplace (PMP) deals, which allow publishers to hand-pick specific demand-side platform (DSP) traffic, giving the 100,000+ publishers in the Windows app store the flexibility to participate in open exchange and private deals on Smaato’s platform.


App Monetization with Global Reach 

Smaato offers unparalleled global reach. Since Smaato began working with Microsoft on Windows 10 app monetization, the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico and South Africa have proven to be top performing revenue countries—with many other countries also making substantial revenue contributions.


User targeting drives more revenue

As our partnership grows, Smaato has begun exploring Behavioral User Segmentation for Microsoft, where Windows app users are sorted into specific cohorts (like car enthusiasts or female shoppers, for example) based on user behavior. As segmentation data increases over time, Smaato will be able to assign each cohort a product ID that can be easily passed onto advertisers looking for specific types of traffic. Subsequently, each ad space becomes more valuable and works in conjunction with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to maximize revenue for Microsoft developers.

Impressive Revenue Growth for Windows 10 App Developers

Using Smaato's programmatic mobile advertising platform, Windows 10 app developers have seen a 20% increase in mobile app monetization each quarter, alongside a 138% jump in annual revenue per user. We're quite proud of those numbers!


What the Future Holds

The Microsoft-Smaato partnership has already yielded outstanding ad revenue growth for Windows app developers. Since Microsoft launched with Smaato, app monetization revenue for Microsoft’s developers has averaged 20% growth every quarter, through private deals, mediation, and Real-Time Bidding (RTB). The key metrics behind this growth—greater fill rates and higher eCPMs—continue to exceed Microsoft’s goals, and Smaato regularly places within Microsoft’s top three monetization solutions for the total amount of ads served.

For more details on this Windows 10 app monetization partnership, you can download our Microsoft Customer Success Story. Happy reading!


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