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Lunch with Smaato on patents, the recession and mobile advertising

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on July 8, 2009

Smaato's CMO, Harald Neidhardt had a delightful lunch and interview with Bena Roberts of GoMoNews, in the great view and atmosphere over the Alster, focusing around the recession and mobile advertising.

The summary is below:

Bena: Hi Harald, lovely to see you again! So, how is Smaato going?

Harald: Splendid!

Bena: Why?

Harald: We have hit a nerve in the industry with our optimisation platform. We have been in the market four years now and our unique position as a “glocal” advertising business is starting to shine.

Bena: Are you global or just Europe and the US?

Harald: We have employees all over the world and new markets are also vital for us. China, for example, has huge potential and it is our strategy to move and expand into new territories.

Bena: What is Smaato’s global reach?

Harald: As a company with a global reach we now serve 250 countries and 20 ad network partners – we try to fill local adverts and local applications.

Mobile is a very local experience, as you connect where ever you go. The promise of mobile advertising is making it hyper local. This means that as a global business we can broker the ads from the local firms making the experience and quality better.

Bena: Is that the core to success in mobile advertising; having local arms?

Harald: I think focusing on the hyper local is our business and asset. We promise our publishers fill rates and this is what they demand. As an aggregator global reach is vital, but local content is extremely necessary to deliver relevancy.

Read the entire interview by GoMo News here

Written by Smaato Inc.

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