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Posted by Anthony Karge on March 20, 2019
Introducing the Smaato Innovation Lab.

At Smaato, we're committed to creating the technology that makes our customers successful. Behind that commitment is a team of more than 240 Smaaties from around the world and across different disciplines. With so many people committed to driving innovation, it's essential to provide our team with not just a place to work, but a place that inspires creativity and collaboration. We also wanted to create a welcoming space to host events for the community. That's precisely why we created the new Smaato Innovation Lab.

Located at our Hamburg office, the Smaato Innovation Lab is a space for teams to come together and find inspiration. Here's a look at some of the features.     

Welcoming the Community

At Smaato, we're regularly welcoming the community into our office for after-work tech meetups, recruiting events, and more. We wanted to make a truly inviting space for these events to take place, and that's why we have the Innovation Lounge.

The lounge of the Smaato Innovation Lab.

During the day, it's a comfortable break room for everyone to use. In the evening, it can accommodate dozens of people comfortably. If you're in the Hamburg area, keep an eye out for upcoming tech meetups hosted at the Innovation Lab.

Innovating in the Office

Meeting rooms are necessary to sync across departments and discuss important topics, which is why the Innovation Lab features plenty of meeting space. However, sometimes it's necessary to find a place to come up with new ideas. That's why one of our meeting rooms, the Idea Lab, was designed with brainstorming in mind. By the way, the balloons are there for the grand opening of the Innovation Lab.

Inside the Idea Lab

Comfortable Co-Working Space

It's critical to provide quality office space where employees can do their best work, but that's merely a necessity. Going beyond comfortable offices, it is important to provide a space that creates a sense of community. That's why there's a new co-working space with a view overlooking the center of Hamburg.

The co-working space of the Smaato innovation lab

This communal space is always open for anyone to take a seat. It's the ideal spot for team members looking for a change of scenery or to join some colleagues they usually aren't working side-by-side with.

Boosting Creativity on the Go

Did you know that a person's creative output increases by 60% while walking compared to sitting? With this study and other similar research in mind, the Innovation Lab offers a meeting room named “Walk and Talk” that lets Smaaties boost their creativity with desk-equipped treadmills and exercise bikes. It's a good place to bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm new solutions.

The Walk and Talk meeting room at Smaato.

A Place to Learn

Continuing education is important in any field, but especially so in the fast-evolving tech space. Smaato offers virtual classes and other training opportunities to anyone who's interested. Now, Smaaties can also learn at their own pace inside the new library.

The library at Smaato

These bookshelves aren't filled yet, as employees are encouraged to make requests for books or magazines that they are interested in. The plan is to stock these shelves with books across a variety of disciplines.  

Kicking Back and Relaxing

Work is important, but so is recharging. When anyone needs to relax, they can head to the game room for a round of billiards, foosball (or kicker as it's known in Germany), or video games. Smaato is also building up a nice collection of board games for people to use during their down time. The whole game room is a big space that's especially lively on Friday evenings.

Relaxing at the Smaato Innovation Lab.

The Innovation Lab was designed to give people a great place to relax even if they're not in the mood to play some games. Our lounge offers a comfortable place to gather and some spectacular views. In another part of the Smaato Innovation Lab, there are also some putting greens for people who need a small break.

Inside the Smaato Innovation Lab.

A Healthy Lifestyle

The health of the Smaato team is an important consideration, which is why the Innovation Lab offers standing desks and plenty of healthy snacks. 

Healthy snacks at the Smaato Innovation Lab

Speaking of health, there's a bookable massage chair just around the corner. 

The massage chair at the Smaato Innovation Lab,

Joining the Smaato Team

We're always looking for new people to join our team and help drive innovation within Smaato. Check out the list of available positions at our offices across the world to see what's the best fit.

We're hiring! View Open Positions >

Written by Anthony Karge

Anthony is a Content Marketing Manager at Smaato. In the office, he enjoys following the latest trends in mobile and telling occasionally amusing jokes. Out of the office, you can find him at power metal concerts, traveling to new places, and learning very informal German. Some of Anthony’s favorite apps are WeChat, Clockwork Tomato, and JEFIT Workout Tracker.


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