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The Best Way to Integrate with Smaato: Our Advertising SDK

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Posted by Carrie Pittman on August 17, 2015
Smaato SDK Integration
Smaato’s advertising SDKs are the optimal way for publishers to integrate with the Smaato Publisher Platform. Our SDKs connect your mobile applications with our platform, creating the technical link between you and Smaato. When an SDK sends an ad request from the mobile application to Smaato‘s platform, the optimization algorithm ensures that the request is routed to the most appropriate demand partner.

In addition to being quick and easy to integrate, Smaato SDKs provide you with an easy setup enabling you to include demographic data such as gender, age or keywords. Including this type of data is valuable to advertisers and thus increases publisher revenue.

Integrating with our SDKs means: 

  • No coding and less development effort
  • Better rich media handling
  • App deep linking
  • Cross platform plugins
  • Malicious ad reporting
  • Identical integration for both smartphones and tablets

Click here for our technical documentation on SDK integration for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.


DSPs trust our SDK…which means more revenue for you

DSPs trust our SDK integration more than any other type of integration because our SDKs provide improved ad quality, guaranteed viewability, transparency, brand safety and better ad targeting. We made it easy to include demographic data because user data attracts advertisers by improving precision and targeting capabilities. The results? A better return on investment.

Yes…we support all platforms 

Smaato’s SDKs support the entire app ecosystem and mobile web space including mainstream platforms such as iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android, as well as niche platforms like BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian (Qt’, WRT, S60) and Windows Phone 8.

Our SDK supports these Android and iOS ad formats:

  • Banner ads
  • Rich media (MRAID 2.0)
  • Toaster ads
  • Video ads
  • Native ads

…and these Windows Phone and Window RT ad formats:

  • Banner ads
  • Rich media (MRAID 2.0)

Integrate an SDK to access the best mobile ad campaigns and ensure optimal functionality and performance.

Download Smaato SDKs

Written by Carrie Pittman

Carrie Pittman is the Director of Marketing, overseeing the growth and development of Smaato marketing in the Americas region.

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