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Posted by Courtney Reich on November 8, 2018
New Report: The Holiday Guide to Mobile Advertising

The holiday shopping season is the most wonderful time of the year for the mobile advertising industry. As people around the world get ready to splurge on new purchases, brands and advertisers are working their hardest to get noticed. And with consumers spending more time than ever in-app, mobile is the place to be for buyers throughout this high-spend period.

To help demand partners make the most of this merry season, we have created a Holiday Guide to Mobile Advertising, which outlines the top trends for maximizing the effectiveness of year-end advertising budgets.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Are More Mobile Than Ever

Last year, Black Friday set the record for the biggest ad spending day of the year on the Smaato platform, attracting +32% more ad dollars than the year’s daily average — and this year, the shopping holiday is on track to be even bigger.

Holiday Mobile Ad Spending in the US

Some extra free time mixed with online shopping fever makes the holidays a time of heightened app usage among consumers. Android users in the US, for example, clocked in over 100 million hours in shopping apps alone during the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday — +45% higher than the weekly average.1

This increased time spent in-app presents a massive opportunity for advertisers to grab the attention of engaged holiday consumers. And with eCPMs rising on Thanksgiving and staying high through to Christmas, this season is also the best time of year for mobile publishers to take advantage of increased advertiser demand.

Video ‘Tis the Mobile Ad Format of the Season

Mobile video inventory should be at the top of every advertiser’s wishlist this Christmas. On the Smaato platform, video overtook display in Q2 2018 and now accounts for the majority share of ad requests in the US. And considering that the click-through rate (CTR) for mobile video ad formats was 6.5X higher than the overall average in Q3 2018, the holidays are ramping up to be the season of mobile video.

Did You Know?
57% of mobile gamers say that they are more likely to watch video ads and complete rewarded offers during the holidays.2

The Post-Christmas Period Presents Mobile Opportunity

Just because the presents are unwrapped doesn't mean that the holidays have nothing left to give. The period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to grab impressions at a great price.

Mobile Ad Requests vs. eCPM by Day in the US

As consumers test out their new devices on the day after Christmas, mobile ad requests rise and stay high into the new year. Meanwhile, eCPMs begin falling after the Saturday before Christmas, creating the optimal time for advertisers to reach highly-engaged users at low cost. Savvy advertisers should take advantage of this inexpensive mobile inventory from December 26 to January 2 by maintaining their ad spending while their competition sleeps.

For more mobile insights into how to catch consumers’ attention over the holidays, download The Holiday Guide to Mobile Advertising.

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Sources: 1AppAnnie, January 2018 | 2Tapjoy, November 2017

Written by Courtney Reich

Courtney is a Content Marketing Manager at Smaato. She is an information junkie with a predilection for puns and is out to spread the word about mobile advertising with the utmost app-titude. When Courtney is not busy adding serial commas to copy, she enjoys listening to podcasts, drinking wine, and reading sci-fi novels.


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