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NEW: Smaato’s Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report, 1H 2015

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Posted by Jay Hinman on August 31, 2015
Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report, 1H 2015

Today we are putting out the first edition of our Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report, a compendium of facts and findings from across the billions and billions of impressions traveling across the Smaato Exchange during the first six months of 2015. (We previously called this our RTB Report, and you’re welcome to read those as well here).

Smaato serves up to 6 billion ads each day, across 600 million mobile users around the world each month. Smaato’s Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic is clearly worldwide in scope, and reflects the detailed activity and trends that have developed over this period across our wide base of publishers, advertisers and users. In that sense, activity on our Exchange serves as a very strong and very relevant proxy for more “macro” trends happening across the world of mobile.

This time we’ve found, among other things:

    1. Larger ad sizes are surging in popularity in 2015, reflecting strong growth in mobile web usage worldwide – especially in developing markets.
    3. Mobile web usage itself is soaring, doubling in just the past year to comprise 38% of advertising spend.
    5. Android continues to expand and grow, and is even taking share from iOS on the Smaato Exchange.
    7. Asia Pacific – especially China and India is growing fast. Really fast.
    9. Publishers and app developers who make room for Rich Media in their apps and websites are making 83% more money than those who don’t.
    11. Age and gender targeting is the future of mobile targeting, as advertisers will pay nearly 4 times as much to target someone by age and/or gender.
    13. Ad spending targeted at families and parents surged by over 300 percent over the past six months. 
…and more, all of which you can read in our brand-new Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report. Download it here.

Written by Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman is Smaato's VP of Marketing. He leads Smaato's global marketing team across its key locations in San Francisco, Hamburg, Singapore and New York.

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