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Posted by Nabil Chouaieb on August 2, 2018
Introducing Device ID Targeting

The Smaato Demand Platform (SDX) is a particularly powerful tool for mobile advertising that enables demand-side platforms (DSPs) to manage sophisticated, self-service targeting.

Now, we are pleased to offer yet another exceptional feature to aid in the targeting and retargeting of verified end-users: device ID targeting.


Enhanced Targeting Capabilities in SDX

Device ID targeting in SDX offers you the greatest opportunity to engage with your users by providing them with high-quality advertising content. Today, it is essential to have the ability to purchase inventory on multiple exchanges. However, at times it can be quite the struggle to hit the right target audience without suffering from the growing infrastructure costs that are acquired in the routing of traffic.


The device ID targeting process


At Smaato, we understand the struggles of our demand partners and have implemented the device ID targeting feature to deal with the issue of rising costs and low-hitting target numbers. By better understanding your audience, more engaging advertising content can be used in retargeting.

Easy Device ID Targeting Integration

For an easy integration of the Smaato SDX API, demand partners need to contact a Smaato account manager to enable device ID targeting. Next, using the Smaato API you can then upload a list of your preferred device IDs. Once the list is uploaded, a Smaato sales engineer will activate the list in SDX and the Smaato Open Mobile Advertising infrastructure (SOMA™) will begin filtering the curated traffic directly back through for a more efficient targeting process. In the end, the lists of targeted device IDs can be regularly updated for better user targeting via specific campaigns, which will lead to more engagement with less waste.

Looking Ahead

Later this year, we will also be releasing version 2 of the device ID targeting feature. In this release, we plan to increase the efficiency of device ID targeting and just to hint, we like the sound of targeting at the line item level.

To get started with this device ID targeting, please reach out to your Smaato account manager. If you're not yet using SDX, click the button below to learn more. 

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Written by Nabil Chouaieb

Nabil is a Senior Product Manager at Smaato. He is a mobile expert with extensive knowledge in mobile advertising technologies, such as SDKs, ad tags, real-time bidding (RTB) and ad servers.


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