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Announcing SPP - The Smaato Publisher Platform

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Posted by Garrett McGrath on July 14, 2014
Smaato Publisher Platform

Dynamic Demand Mobile Publisher Ad Server

Today Smaato reaches a major milestone, the first release of the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPP). SPP is a brand new platform, built from the ground up with a mobile first focus. We've built an enterprise-grade, infinite scale SaaS platform ad server with a single purpose: give publishers full control over the monetization of their inventory.

We're proud to say we've built a publisher ad server competitive with anything in the market, however that is only scratching the surface. For starters, SPP features groundbreaking Dynamic Demand technology. With Dynamic Demand, direct sold, RTB, indirect, and programmatic buys all compete within SPP on an impression-by-impression basis, delivering maximum yield to the publisher. Publishers have the power to make any line item compete with any other while SPP ensures that all goals and targets are met. With Dynamic Demand we move away from sequential ad server selection and into a world of truly unique universal competition.

In addition to support for direct sold and programmatic deals, with SPP publishers get single point integration to the Smaato Exchange (SMX). Smaato's owned-and-operated SMX is the leading global mobile RTB ad exchange and integrated Supply Side Platform. SPP directly connects publishers to nearly 300 aggregated DSPs and networks from around the world. SMX reaches 450 million unique users in 130 countries and serves more than 90 billion impressions per month -- numbers that grow every month.

SPP features a host of advanced targeting options, easy to use reporting, and a beautiful, easy to understand user interface.

See Smaato.com for more information and to get signed up for the SPP beta program. We'll be rolling out SPP to new and existing publishers starting this month, while keeping a careful eye on scale and stability as we ramp up to full support for our more than 78,000 publishers.

One last detail: we're so confident in this product and the strength of SMX, the Smaato Publisher Platform charges no ad serving fees.

Written by Garrett McGrath

Garrett is Smaato's Senior Vice President, Product.

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