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Achieve Campaign Viewability With Moat-Enabled Inventory

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Posted by Zac Fernandez on September 4, 2018

Viewability is an ongoing concern for advertisers, and for good reason. Knowing that ads are actually being viewed by users is the cornerstone of any successful campaign. With that in mind, we are making it easy for advertisers to find the inventory with the highest in-app ad viewability rates on our platform. We do this by allowing advertisers to directly target inventory that has been analyzed using Moat, the leading independent mobile viewability measurement provider.

As part of our commitment to elevating transparency and viewability measurement standards within the industry, we have integrated Moat into our SDK for Android and iOS publishersSmaato's proven ad quality combined with Moat's viewability measurement technology gives advertisers a proven way to transact on quality inventory with enhanced anti-fraud features.

The Moat-enabled Pre-Packaged Deal is based on a dynamic list of inventory with the highest viewability rates according to Moat's measurement standards. This allows advertisers to make the most of their ad dollars by targeting reliable inventory that is being seen by real people.

Ready to get started? Here's how to access the Moat-enabled Pre-Packaged Deal in SDX:

One Click and Go!

In order to start targeting this highly sought-after inventory, Smaato demand partners simply need to log in to SDX, navigate to the "Marketplace" tab, and then select the Moat-enabled inventory deal from the Pre-Packaged Deals section. With one click, partners will be able to directly target the best Moat inventory available on the Smaato Exchange. Better yet, the line items within each deal can also be customized according to the preferred targeting criteria.


In addition to the Moat package, other Pre-Packaged Deals now available in SDX include:

  • News Apps
  • Premium Germany & AGOF
  • Weather Apps
  • Chic French Apps
  • Sport Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Music Apps
  • Women's Health Apps

You can learn more about this new targeting feature in our pre-packaged deals announcement

Easy Integration of the Smaato SDX API

The SDX API allows demand partners to integrate Moat-enabled inventory via the Pre-Packaged Deals feature in their internal and external tools, enabling their team and clients to spend their budgets even more efficiently when it comes to highly-targeted audiences. For more technical details, check out our SDX API documentation in the Smaato Wiki.

To start targeting Moat-enabled inventory and other Pre-Packaged Deals, log in into SDX now. Lastly, if you have any questions regarding Pre-Packaged Deals or SDX, please reach out to your dedicated Smaato Account Manager. We're here to help you reach your campaign goals.

Written by Zac Fernandez

Junior Product Marketing Manager @ Smaato


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