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The Smaato Blog

The Smaato Blog

Smaato's Native Ad Builder Lets You Get Started with Native Ads in Your Apps

Posted by Bertrand Rothen on October 1, 2015

Looking to move beyond the banner, and start serving native advertising within your apps and websites? With native advertising on the rise in mobile, it's a valid option for every mobile publisher to look into possible placements. However, native ads have traditionally been a bit of a challenge for publishers - with many wondering what a sensible placement for native ads might look like on their apps and sites. There's also the challenges that come with handling the multiple creatives that lie in a native ad response (as opposed to usually only one, with every other ad format).

Thankfully, Smaato has you covered.

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Our SPX Platform Just Added Some Amazing New Features

Posted by Jay Hinman on September 15, 2015

Today we’re announcing a big boost to our SPX platform to provide our publisher partners with some exciting new monetization tools to get them ready for the busy Q4 season.

SPX now includes a super-simple “point and click” native advertising builder, which allows publishers to take advantage of this proven revenue driver, and to deliver native ads where they might have previously delivered banner ads or interstitials. It’s the first fully-functional native ad builder for mobile publishers, and it makes these ads easier to create than ever before. Publishers who use Smaato’s platform are now fully empowered to build native ad campaigns in a variety of formats and sizes that they know will look best in their apps or websites and connect with their audiences best.

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New Video: What is an "Integrated" Mobile Advertising Platform?

Posted by Jay Hinman on September 9, 2015

We are kicking off a new series of videos produced here at Smaato that we’re calling “Mobile Programmatic Perspectives”. Each 90-second video will answer a hot topic within the mobile advertising industry, and provide publishers and app developers with Smaato’s solutions for addressing the issue, as well as food for thought in formulating their own solutions.

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Publishers: Time to Prepare Your Apps to Support iOS9

Posted by Nabil Chouaieb on September 3, 2015

Apple will be rolling out iOS 9 soon, with what's sure to be a bunch of awesome new features. One of the most important features for us, and for our iOS publishers, is the App Transport Security (ATS), which enhances security on iPhone devices and encourages iOS app developers to use secured connections when communicating with their servers.

Smaato is actively testing its iOS advertising SDK on iOS 9 beta, and we’re happy to announce that our latest iOS SDK version 7.1.4 has successfully passed all our tests and therefore is compatible with the upcoming iOS 9 release.

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New Windows (Phone) SDKs available now!

Posted by Bertrand Rothen on September 2, 2015

In addition to updating our Android SDK, we've also taken our Windows and Windows Phone SDKs to the shop - our offerings for Windows Phone 8.0 & 8.1 as well as Windows 8.1 have been updated and are now available!

This release brings support for the Windows Phone ID, the advertising ID that Windows devices provide for intelligent ad targeting. The SDK now automatically gets and transmits the WPID in an ad request, an enhancement that has proven to significantly boost eCPMs!

We've improved the SDK's logic of handling interstitials: the responsiveness of ad formats to the device's orientation (portrait or landscape) is now more accurate, we've redesigned the 'Close' button, and beacon handling is also improved.

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Android SDK 4.5.0 available now!

Posted by Bertrand Rothen on August 25, 2015

Attention all mobile publishers and app developers: We’ve just updated our Android SDK to version 4.5.0, bringing enhanced functionality to Android apps that we recently added to our iOS SDK as well.

First off, we've enhanced the SDK browser's capabilities to include browsing option, such as Back, Forward and Open in Device Browser. These offer your users more flexibility to interact with - and convert on - an advertisement of interest. Also, the browser now automatically detects - and discards - broken landing pages.

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Mobile PHP Snippet Integration

Posted by Bertrand Rothen on August 5, 2015

Do you have PHP-based inventory? If yes, read on - we're happy to announce that we have made some substantial updates to our PHP Snippet integration!

In our ongoing endeavor to make our services as accessible as possible, we took our previous PHP-based tag integration to the shop and gave it a few makeovers; first and foremost, you don't need to be concerned about any additions slowing you down - version 2.0 is actually faster than its predecessor.

We've also improved the architecture in 2.0 to facilitate adjusting the snippet, and bringing it on par with market standards, as well as our own services' standards. In turn, this enabled us to broaden the amount of available parameters, giving you a way more comprehensive PHP integration than before.

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iOS Monetization Takes the Next Leap in Smaato’s Newest SDK

Posted by Jay Hinman on July 13, 2015

We've just updated our iOS SDK offering to version 7.1.2, and in this new release, we've focused on adding functionality that helps iOS developers improve the user experience of those engaging with ads in their apps.

First off, we've enhanced the SDK webview's capabilities, and are now providing proper browsing options such as Back, Forward, Reload Page, Open in Safari, Forward and more to any user once they've clicked on an ad.

This essentially liberates the user from having to react to an ad immediately when they’ve expressed interest, thereby breaking the flow of whatever she (or he) was doing in your app. Smaato’s iOS SDK now lets them bookmark an interesting offer for later, forward it to a friend, and move back and forth within an interaction with a landing page. These tools are now all at a user's fingertips on any iOS device.

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Super-Auction for Every Mobile Impression: Dynamic Demand Explained

Posted by Andrew Gilligan on June 30, 2015

When we set out to rebuild our ad server, we wanted to try to build a more perfect selection process. As advertising budgets move to more programmatic buying, we felt the need to make that a primary way for ads to be delivered inside the ad server, while giving the publisher every control over the exchange like they would their own direct line items.

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Money from Your Mobile App with Cross-Platform Tools Support

Posted by Nabil Chouaieb on April 14, 2015

In recent years, we’ve all seen the explosive growth of the mobile app economy. From 2007 on, the number of smartphones and apps present on those smartphones have accelerated year over year at astounding rates. The total number of apps downloaded continues to grow rapidly even though, according to recent statistics, the number of apps downloaded per person is beginning to stabilize. The major driver of the continued rapid download growth is primarily the wide variety of devices available to the mobile consumer.

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