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The Growing Importance of Data In Mobile Advertising

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Posted by Garrett McGrath on December 18, 2013
The Growing Importance of Data In Mobile Advertising

RTB is about Audiences - Mobile is about Location

Earlier this month we proudly announced our partnership with mobile audience data provider, Factual. Factual is a very unique mobile-focused Data Management Platform (DMP) who since 2007 has been tackling the issue of mobile data. They use location, context, some really smart people, and a proprietary platform to be able to confidently deliver anonymous, meaningful audience profile data. Factual can arm Smaato exchange clients with behavioral, geographic, and/or demographic profiles of the users visiting any mobile site or app, instantly making those properties more valuable worldwide.
The use of DMPs and audience data in RTB is not necessarily groundbreaking. RTB is about audiences, we all know this. The display world has been deeply into this topic for years. However, we feel like the Smaato-Factual partnership is very important for many reasons, but especially two in particular.

First, as noted, Factual is a mobile-focused DMP. This means they do not derive their data from cookies; neither cookies nor exchange-DSP cookie sync. Yet they have developed a way to provide accurate, actionable and anonymous user profile data. It’s fair to say that Factual is one of the first “2.0” DMPs – they are future-proofed against the cookieless world we all know is coming, and they’ve developed methods for user profiling that we believe are much more reliable and scalable than their few competitors.

Second, Factual data actually sits in the exchange. We’ve integrated the Factual service at the server level, making it potentially available to every single bid request that flows through our global mobile RTB exchange. More than just a technical detail, we feel that this is a very important pivot in the RTB model: historically DSPs integrate with DMPs, often making select buyers better informed about users than the publishers providing the content or buyers who don’t have access to the same data. By providing audience data across the exchange we can help surface the real value of every impression – every user – for both buyers and sellers.


Looking Forward to 2014

We’re very excited to announce that in early 2014 Smaato will release significant updates to our platform. The core of these updates will be a major overhaul of the Smaato publisher ad server. We will introduce a truly self-serve, world class mobile publisher ad server. In doing so, we will give our publisher partners the flexibility and control previously only seen in advanced display-side ad servers.

Smaato’s updated platform will offer an intuitive, easy to use workflow for order and line item creation, advanced targeting capabilities, network integration and management, and clear, concise reporting. Publishers will be able to manage every buying model from within the ad server: premium guaranteed, programmatic/private exchange deals, RTB and network mediation. Smaato will empower publishers with the tools they need to run their entire monetization strategy from within a single interface, tied to the world’s leading mobile exchange.

Buyers will also get an expanded toolset, with the ability target and control their buys across Smaato with great accuracy, making the most of our global supply pool and delivering the best value to our advertisers.

2014 will be a very exciting year for Smaato and all our partners! We look forward to sharing all the details with you as we get closer to launch in Q1.

Happy Holidays!

Written by Garrett McGrath

Garrett is Smaato's Senior Vice President, Product.

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