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The Smaato SDK - What App Developers Need To Know for Monetization Success

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Posted by Jay Hinman on October 28, 2015
Mobile Advertising SDK

App developers looking to monetize their available ad inventory have numerous choices in how to bring revenue (in the form of advertising demand) in the door - from their choice of platform and ad serving partners, to the ad units they wish to display in the app. One particularly relevant question is how to integrate with a chosen mobile advertising platform and ad exchange. Should you integrate via SDK, API or Ad Tag?

  • API: server-to-server; requests to API are done by calling a specific URL with a string of certain parameters; the SOMA (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising integration) server responds with HTML or XML
  • Ad Tag: a piece of javascript code that can be placed directly into your mobile websites or run via a third party ad server; best for mobile web publishers

An SDK is by far the most effective way to create a technical and monetization-friendly link between your mobile app and your chosen platform, and offers numerous advantages over both API and Ad Tag integration.

The best mobile SDKs will reduce and even remove latency - which means faster ads in your apps and a much better experience for your users. Like API and ad tag integration, it ensures that your app’s ad requests are connected to an optimization algorithm that routes to the appropriate demand source, and yet there are numerous additional benefits that come from the integration of a mobile advertising platform SDK.

Not all SDKs - nor all mobile advertising platforms - are created equal, however.

What Makes Smaato’s SDK the One to Integrate?

Smaato’s SDKs for Android, iOS and Windows Phone were built and are continuously improved by a company that has been mobile-first from the day it was founded in 2005. We have consciously designed our SDK to be exceptionally quick and easy to integrate, while providing developers with a simple setup that lets them include crucial demographic data such as gender, age and keywords.

The Smaato SDK comes with SPX, Smaato’s free ad server. It features the signature concept of Dynamic Demand - programmatic, real-time competition between multiple sources of demand, including direct sold campaigns, open RTB ad network and ad exchange traffic, private marketplace and publisher-owned ad networks. This “super auction” capability provides far higher eCPMs and immediate monetization for app developers.

It’s also an SDK loaded with robust ad quality controls. It automatically detects and blocks auto-expandable ads, as well as auto-redirects, 2 known fraudulent tactics that Smaato fights hard by eliminating them before they arrive. Our SDK makes sure that the user experience is not interrupted by any bad ad coming from any third-party ad network. It even lets publishers “swipe and report” any questionable ads they see so that our 24/7 ad quality team can investigate them immediately. We take ad quality and stopping fraudulent traffic from arriving in your app seriously - and not all platforms do.

Mobile Advertising SDK

Comprehensive Ad Format Support

The Smaato SDK comes with comprehensive ad format support, from video, native and rich media ads to various sizes of interstitial and banner ads. This includes VAST Video support, including a VAST video player - which means publishers don’t need an additional 3rd party plugin to run VAST video ads within their apps. Our SDK lets publishers design their own Native Ad spaces as well, which lead to higher click-through rates and eCPM for publishers. It even comes with MRAID 2.0 and 1.0 support for interactive ads.

On top of this, the Smaato SDK adds powerful tools to enhance the user experience, including an integrated SDK browser, which actually keeps users within your app when they click on any ad. It also includes cross-platform plugins (Unity3D, Titanium, Adobe AIR) and app deep linking to improve ad quality and revenue - in addition to boosting the overall experience of your users.

DSPs Trust the Smaato SDK

Demand-Side Platforms trust Smaato’s SDK more than any other type of integration because it provides improved ad quality, transparency, brand safety and better ad targeting. Smaato’s SDK makes it easy to provide demographic data to advertisers, because user data such as this attracts much higher eCPMs by improving precision and targeting capabilities. This, in turn, means more revenue for app developers.

We’re big believers in helping all corners of the app ecosystem make money, and therefore our SDKs support not only the core mainstream platforms such as iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Phone 8, but also other platforms like BlackBerry, Bada and Symbian (Qt, WRT, S60).

The Smaato SDK - Your Ticket to Monetization Success

Interested in learning more? We’d love to help get your app up and running on our world-class platform, and earning you more money through integration of the Smaato SDK.


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Written by Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman is Smaato's VP of Marketing. He leads Smaato's global marketing team across its key locations in San Francisco, Hamburg, Singapore and New York.

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