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Posted by Smaato Inc. on June 4, 2010

Smaato invited international mobile experts to a roundtable discussion in Berlin recently to discuss some of the hottest trends in the industry, following previous successful roundtables in San Francisco and London.

Key topics debated included mobile advertising, the rising quality of branded apps and how Apple’s iPad, other tablet devices or so called “super-phones” will affect the hyper growth of the industry.

Other themes discussed were the increase of location check-in services such as FourSquare, Gowalla and FriendTicker and the convergence of hardware and software.

The emergence of new business models, especially around trying to solve privacy problems and how large global brands are now developing coherent mobile campaigns as part of an overall marketing strategy, also formed some of the highlights of the roundtable.

Smaato CEO & Co-Founder, Ragnar Kruse said: “Since our first roundtable in San Francisco in October 2009, we’ve spoken with some of the top thought leaders in the industry and covered many of the trends. As a company we can only grow by listening to the market place and understanding the current issues and trends. Collaboration in this industry is key and at Smaato, we are working hard to collaborate on a global scale to help others succeed”.

Highlights of the roundtable during NEXT10 conference can be seen here:

Michael von Roeder, COO at iconmobile (WPP, Berlin) stated: “Probably the most visible game changers for mobile advertising are devices like the iPhone which make mobile Internet a mass market and which enable completely new business models. I feel that non-mobile brands - or brands that are not in the core industry - are now moving into this space”. Michael added: “Brands ask: ‘okay - what can we do in mobile?’ But not only in terms of advertising, but also in terms of how do they deliver their services and how they can augment their existing products or services with the mobile component”.

“I see a battle for quality and a battle for real estate,” said Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs!, a leading games developer of five years. “I'm very excited about the quality that we've seen on mobile devices so far like iPad and iPhone but also the latest Nokia handsets.

List of Smaato mobile roundtable participants in Berlin:

Harald Neidhardt - Co-Founder and CMO of Smaato (chairing the discussion)
Michael Schade – Co-founder and CEO of Fishlabs (Games / Apps developer)
Axel Höhnke – CEO, Sembassy & Co-Founder Mobile Monday Hamburg
Matthaus Krzykowski – Co-founder and Managing Partner of Agora9 (research)
Michael von Roeder – COO, iconmobile (global mobile agency, part of WPP)
Fee Beyer – Product innovation at Deutsche Telekom
Gerd Leonhard – Media Futurist and speaker at Next10 Conference
Martin Pischke – Co-founder of FriendTicker (location based coupons and incentives)
Anita Ondin – CEO of Seize the Media (Digital Content & Games Developer)
Maciej Kuszpa – CEO of Peperonity (Mobile Social web service)

The previous Smaato roundtable discussions in San Francisco and London can be found here and here respectively.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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