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Unified Auction on Smaato's Mobile RTB Exchange

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Posted by Garrett McGrath on October 29, 2013
Unified Auction on Smaato´s Mobile RTB Exchange
With Q4 spend picking up there is an ever greater need for inventory that fits advertiser needs in the areas of performance, price, and audience. To better address these needs the Smaato Ad Exchange (SMX) recently released significant product changes focused on both Supply and Demand.

Inside SMX and our SSP network mediation layer we have over 90 mobile Ad networks and greater than 100 DSPs actively buying against more than 76,000 integrated global supply partners. Our recent update now dynamically allows SMX buyers access to inventory based on historic performance and bidding behavior, simultaneously across both RTB and the network mediation layer. Due to these changes SMX fill rates are now more than 37.5% (more than a 2x increase). Performance actually exceeds these numbers when factoring in organic Q4 growth.

This is exciting news for our publishers and a big step toward access to accurately priced inventory that focuses on ROI for our demand partners globally.

Value for our Supply and Demand Partners

SMX’s Unified Auction & Dynamic Floor prices are now impacting buyer’s ability to purchase inventory across broad price ranges. In the past we frequently received feedback from our demand partners concerning a lack of inventory at price points that aligned with their campaign budgets. The Ad Network partners sometimes lacked access to impressions with better CTR and DSPs wanted access to audiences but were not able to access such audiences at price points they were willing to pay.

While this is a common problem, it is a difficult challenge to address in a programmatic exchange as there is no room or time for negotiation. This SMX update gives each RTB and Ad Network partner the opportunity to compete at unified price points before start of each auction. Subsequently the results we have seen across more than 45 Billion ad requests are now double the amount of auctions won and a 2-3x increase in fill rates. This latest release of SMX allows our buyers access to more inventory at reasonable and actionable prices. Smaato is proud to be able to better support our supply & demand partners for a successful Q4 and beyond.

These updates and their timing are ideal for our supply partners who have seen their revenues double within last few days, combined with much higher fill rates. Most importantly we still allow our publisher partners to control hard floor prices and strictly adhere to their ad quality requirements.

Written by Garrett McGrath

Garrett is Smaato's Senior Vice President, Product.

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