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Publishers: Monetize on Windows Phone 10 With Our New SDK

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Posted by Bertrand Rothen on November 9, 2015
Monetize on Windows Phone 10 with Smaato's New SDK

Calling all Windows & Windows Phone developers. Continuing Smaato's strong commitment to Microsoft's cross-device OS, we've released a brand new Windows 10 SDK to support the most recent version.

Yes, you read it correctly - our newest SDK supports Windows 10 across all devices. As Microsoft has designed Windows 10 to be a single operating system to run across phones, "phablets", tablets, laptops, desktops, and even their Xbox One gaming console, our SDK is in turn not constrained to one device - and with Microsoft having announced a goal of enabling Windows 10 on one billion devices (over the next 2/3 years), your potential audience just broadened by quite a bit.

In addition to being fully built for Windows 10, we've also included Rich Media support into our new SDK to expand the monetization possibilities for your Windows 10 traffic. Publishers can provide a much more captivating experience to your users with Rich Media ads, which can include video, expansion and high interactivity - some creatives even contain small web apps such as games or tools. 

Get started with the new Smaato Windows 10 SDK today.


Download Windows Phone 10 SDK   >


To learn more about why to choose the Smaato SDK over others, come read our latest blog post on the subject.

Written by Bertrand Rothen

Bertrand is Smaato's Manager of Product Marketing, driving product & development-related marketing activities and interfacing market & product requirements.

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