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Posted by Bertrand Rothen on August 5, 2015
PHP Snippet 2.0 Smaato

Do you have PHP-based inventory? If yes, read on - we're happy to announce that we have made some substantial updates to our PHP Snippet integration!

In our ongoing endeavor to make our services as accessible as possible, we took our previous PHP-based tag integration to the shop and gave it a few makeovers; first and foremost, you don't need to be concerned about any additions slowing you down - version 2.0 is actually faster than its predecessor.

We've also improved the architecture in 2.0 to facilitate adjusting the snippet, and bringing it on par with market standards, as well as our own services' standards. In turn, this enabled us to broaden the amount of available parameters, giving you a way more comprehensive PHP integration than before.

In addition to more available request parameters, we've also expanded the response, which now can be set to XML format, and thus now supports Rich Media. (You're also still able to receive an HTML response, of course).

There's a couple more things that version 2.0 of our PHP Snippet offers - such as passback functionality, and an easier way to use our API. To learn more, head to our Wiki for the full documentation.

The PHP Snippet 2.0 is available in SPX - click here to get set up.

Written by Bertrand Rothen

Bertrand is Smaato's Manager of Product Marketing, driving product & development-related marketing activities and interfacing market & product requirements.

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