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Olympics Prove, It's the Era of the Multi Screen!

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on August 6, 2012
Olympics Prove, It's the Era of the Multi Screen!
The data is in for data usage during the Olympics this year, and the gold medal goes to………. Smartphones!!

If this years Olympics have shown us anything, it is that people are adopting the use of multiple devices being used while watching an event on TV in droves.

The constant use of secondary pieces of equipment during this years games showed staggering numbers. People searching results, looking up athletes and getting up to date information from around the web all while watching it on the television was enormous.

The most interesting part of this data, is what pieces of equipment were being used for these searches. Smartphones led the charge by almost double it’s counterparts. That being said, tablets were right at the same level as Desktop and Laptops.

The Olympics were so important this year in this data capture as we have seen some information about these habits from the US and European nations through programs such as the SuperBowl, Eurovision, etc., but this is worldwide data collection. We are able to see now in real time how the adoption of this habit is moving across the world. For more stats and data, feel free to check out the infographics on Going for Mobile Gold listed on the Google Blog.

These are great signs for the current and future use of mobile applications and information during such events, and gives us a unique look into our own information consumption habits. Awesome news to anyone trying to make it in the Mobile Advertisement industry. This is just going to get bigger, faster and better.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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