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News & Trends Weekly Review – CW05

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on February 1, 2013
News & Trends Weekly Review – CW05
Another week has gone by, and this one already marks the end of January; the "Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax" took another turn, X Games snowmobiler Caleb Moore died after a snowmobile crash, and everyone - and everything - is gearing up for the Superbowl, kicking off this Sunday.

Also, this week one mobile-specific event made the mainstream news:

1.) Blackberry's Comeback

This week has been a big one for Blackberry: Canadian handset manufacturer Research In Motion did not only unveil its new flagship OS "BlackBerry 10" as well as 2 new corresponding devices, but also changed the company's name to "BlackBerry", appointed Alicia Keys as their new 'Global Creative Director' and announced their new devices to be available very soon - early February in Europe, and March in the US.

Unfortunately, especially the last aspect has inhibited the company, now publicly traded as BBRY, from gaining shareholder confidence and resulting in a persistent stock price drop - despite the current buzz around the new OS and devices, it may wear off until the devices are actually available. Let's see if, and hope that BlackBerry will be able to follow up.

2.) Twitter's "Instagram for Video"-App Vine hits the market

After Twitter acquired video-sharing service Vine, it released an iOS app for it on January 24th, taking the iTunes App Store ecosystem by storm, ranking the number one free app in the Social category, and the 14th spot of all free apps. The media was abuzz about Vine this week, ranging from "the next big thing"-claims to "useless and dodgy"-slams.

But not all the press was helpful to Vine's image: an adult content problem, escalated further through explicit content mistakenly ending up in the app's "Editor's Pick" section, appeared just days after the release and impacted the public's perception of the service substantially. Either way - Vine is virtually ubiquitous.

3.) Intel enters smartphone market with a device - in Africa

Last week, the chip maker announced that it will in fact be teaming up with carrier Safaricom to bring the "Yolo" to the Kenyan market.

Although the phone is priced and advertised as a low-end model and its name bearing resemblance to the strongly debated and discredited meaning of "Yolo" as an abbreviation of the phrase "You Only Live Once" in popular culture, the phone boasts comparably impressive specs.

It should be fairly interesting to see how the Kenyan (and African) market will react to the device, which could possibly incur a veritable paradigm shift.

Feel free to comment on this week’s events. Did we miss anything? What was your most relevant news piece this week?

Written by Smaato Inc.

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