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New Video: What is an "Integrated" Mobile Advertising Platform?

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Posted by Jay Hinman on September 9, 2015
Mobile Programmatic Perspectives

We are kicking off a new series of videos produced here at Smaato that we’re calling “Mobile Programmatic Perspectives”. Each 90-second video will answer a hot topic within the mobile advertising industry, and provide publishers and app developers with Smaato’s solutions for addressing the issue, as well as food for thought in formulating their own solutions.

Today we’re starting things off with Garrett McGrath, our VP of Product Strategy. Garrett looks at the notion of an “integrated” mobile advertising platform, and what a truly full-featured platform - one that delivers true, dynamic competition for ad impressions - might look like. How would a platform that could bring any form of demand together (direct sold, RTB and ad network mediation), and let them compete to deliver the highest eCPMs, actually work for publishers & app developers? Take a look at this short video, and we believe you’ll have your answers.

Written by Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman is Smaato's VP of Marketing. He leads Smaato's global marketing team across its key locations in San Francisco, Hamburg, Singapore and New York.

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