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Posted by Michael Osei-Ampadu on August 13, 2013

As you may have noticed on our Publisher Portal, we have recently released new SDKs for Android and iOS in order to enhance the integration process. In addition, we have made various "under the hood" improvements.

As a Mobile Publisher, the most interesting new features are the following:

Full Screen Interstitial

The SDKs are now supporting Full Screen Interstitial Ads that can be seamlessly integrated into your app. The flow of displaying this new ad unit is the following:
In preparation to display this ad unit type, you call a "Get Interstitial" method which then tries to get an interstitial ad from Smaato. The SDK only gives back an "Interstitial Ready" if the ad request succeeded (not a "No Ad"). You can then call a "Show Interstitial" method upon a successful notification, so as to display the interstitial ad. This flow ensures that the user experience is not interrupted by loading times or "No Ads".

There are numerous advantages in using this ad format for Mobile Publishers. Among them is the opportunity for agencies to develop innovative and original creatives on a full screen ad which buyers will pay premium prices for. Furthermore, the user is more likely to interact with this ad unit type which will lead to higher revenues for you.


We have built support for the next incarnation of the MRAID rich media standard that gives ad designers more access to native device functionalities. This will bring more interactive and compelling ad units in the future.

New Developer Guide Online & Migration

We have moved from a PDF to a web-based developer guide so as to improve the maintenance and accessibility process. We also have adopted Apple's native documentation style for iOS.

IQ Zone Postitial for Android

IQ Zone Postitial is an ad unit that displays a full screen interstitial when the user presses the "home" button in order to leave the app. Please contact us via your portal if you are interested in this new ad unit.

Written by Michael Osei-Ampadu

Michael Osei-Ampadu is Smaato's Director of Product Management, responsible for new product development and project management. Michael is an expert in Mobile Advertising, with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

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