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Posted by Georg Fiegen on June 24, 2014
Monetize Your Windows Phone Traffic With Smaato
Windows Phone (WP) is a fast-growing platform that attracts many developers and users. Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia opened doors for worldwide reach in the mobile market. As our Q1 2014 RTB report shows, Windows Phone OS market share experienced a worldwide increase of 75% in Q1 this year, compared to Q4 2013. While the WP market is not as crowded as iOS and Android, there is still room for apps to be successful.

Smaato’s SMX is the preferred monetization platform for WP app developers. Not only is Smaato the first ad exchange to offer WP8 SDK, but we also provide a quality SDK that is light, easy to integrate and ensures access to a large variety of ad types and options than any other one.

Furthermore, SMX provides the highest eCPM, combined with a high fill rate, thanks to our extensive 260+ demand sources worldwide. This gives you a prime position to monetize your WP traffic the most effective way possible.

But, don’t take our word for it. Here is what Benjamin Sprakel from Sprakelsoft says about Smaato, his monetization partner:

Our challenge was to get a decent eCPM for our 20+ Windows Phone apps' traffic. Smaato has the highest eCPM we´ve found for Windows Phone OS. They offer a lightweight and easy-to-implement SDK, and it´s really easy! On top of this, it’s nice to communicate with the Smaato folks, who provide great support.

Smaato continuously works to enhance our SDK, so stay tuned for upcoming features to make monetization successful for our app developers.

Written by Georg Fiegen

Georg is Smaato’s Chief Operating Officer, leading operations, market quality and sales engineering teams.

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