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New White Paper: Best Practices for Mobile Publishers & App Developers

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Posted by Jay Hinman on October 22, 2015
Best Practices for Mobile Publishers and App Developers

Mobile publishers and app developers are instantly faced with a litany of choices when it comes to monetizing their content within their apps and mobile websites. Even deciding up front how best to configure your ad units for your app or website can be tricky; but don’t worry - at every stage of your post-development journey, from initial ad unit decisions to full optimization and management of your mobile advertising inventory, Smaato is here to help. 

We’ve been helping mobile publishers make money with our mobile-first advertising platform since 2005, and we’ve seen a few things. Download the new Best Practices for Mobile Publishers and App Developers: A 5-Step Process for Monetization Success, and you'll learn some of the best ideas we recommend based on this experience. 

Mobile Monetization Success in 5 Steps

Among the questions answered in the white paper

  1. How will I make money on my inventory?
  2. What price should I charge for my inventory?
  3. What signals should I be sending to advertisers?
  4. How do I integrate - via SDK, API or Ad Tag?
  5. I'm now up and running - how do I optimize?

We think any app developer or mobile publisher will find some usable pearls of mobile advertising wisdom in our new paper. Download it here and please let us know what you think. 


Download: Best Practices for Mobile Publisher and App Developers  >

Written by Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman is Smaato's VP of Marketing. He leads Smaato's global marketing team across its key locations in San Francisco, Hamburg, Singapore and New York.

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