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Mobile ad networks compared: where’s the efficiency?

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on August 16, 2010

GoMo News:

Mobile ad networks tend to report excitedly what their monthly impressions are, and how many clients they serve. But there’s another factor to consider: how hard do they work, and with what resources? If you check company size and investment, some interesting facts arise.

What’s the deal?

Check this graph out. All of the information that went into compiling it is publicly and openly available, so you can confirm it yourself:

Ad Requests - Month

Different sources: most from own reports and mobithinking, Inmobi numbers in current Mobile Marketing Magazine

Funding - Employees

Source: crunchbase.com

What GoMo News thinks?

There are some interesting things you can take from that info.

Smaato is highlighted, obviously because it does the most work with the least resources. As an ad optimizer, Smaato ensures that mobile ads can be served through as many different ad networks as possible, to as many different devices. This allows it to keep its impressions extremely high without needing a colossal workforce.

For the amount of employees and investments it has, AdMob doesn’t have that many more impressions per month – but AdMob is serving a much tighter audience. With a much more American focus, AdMob has to wield an awful lot of man hours to keep impressions high.

InMobi is an interesting case. It has a comparatively huge number of employees, and as GoMo News discussed with InMobi Founder & CEO Naveen Tewari the majority of these are engineers. InMobi has relatively little sales staff – but by creating an extremely powerful software solution, it has built huge number of monthly impressions without needing one.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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