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Make More Revenue With Your Existing Mobile Inventory

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Posted by Leon Ridderbroek on March 19, 2014
Make More Revenue With Your Existing Mobile Inventory
After you sign up with Smaato and you’ve created adspaces to represent your different properties, you are ready to start making money with your mobile inventory! But what can you expect? And how can you maximize the revenues from the traffic that you have?

Real-Time Bidding and Mediation
The first decision to make is how you want your inventory to be monetized. While the strategies behind this might differ from one publisher to another, the two main approaches tend to be:
  1. Achieving the highest rate (CPC/CPM) possible
  2. Maximizing total revenue
Smaato’s RTB Ad Exchange (SMX) is the perfect first stop to succeed in achieving those two goals. Here, we will auction off your requests in a real-time environment, a solution that in many cases offers our publishers the most premium monetization possible. However, as you probably already know, high prices can over time lead to a lower fill rate. Our Account Management team can help you find the perfect balance between fill and revenue, tailored to your specific inventory.
To further assist you in these goals, we offer a second solution, called Mediation. Through Mediation, we send your inventory to one of our many ad network partners. The corresponding traffic distribution depends on the rates they offer for your inventory, as well as their fill rate. And don’t be fooled, Mediation can offer very competitive rates, sometimes even outperforming RTB! By combining these two services in a single integrated demand stack, we are able to offer our publishers (that means you!) the highest possible revenue!
So, the setup is complete and you want to maximize your revenues by using the best that Smaato has to offer: the Smaato Ad Exchange (SMX), which brings you RTB and Mediation, over 200 demand sources, in a single platform. Now what? Insert the advertiser. As the party bringing the money to the table, advertisers also want to see value for their spent dollars. How can you ensure that these advertising budgets are directed to your traffic?
As the mobile advertising industry develops, one thing becomes more and more valuable: Data. Anonymous first-party information about any publisher’s user base can be some of the most valuable, sought after data available to potential advertisers. Knowing exactly what kind of audience the advertiser is addressing when buying your traffic is only possible by having access to more information than the basic data publishers tend to send (country, OS, etc.).
By providing us with the gender of your users, their age or even their lat/long coordinates, you immediately and significantly increase the value of your mobile traffic. As a result, you will get higher rates and thus more revenue from the same inventory. So, keep this in mind when designing your app or mobile site. Anything that helps safely identify the audience that is using your property is worth money. It’s as simple as that.
Another key aspect that advertisers are looking for is engagement. Of course, having their ads displayed on your app or website offers some value to them, but what they are really looking for is that your users interact with the ad. In general, they are after one of two things (or both):
  • A good CTR (i.e. click-through-rate) is the first performance measure. Simply put, they want your users to click on their ad. Engaging with the advertising means they are interested in whatever is displayed and means much more than their ad only being displayed.
  • A good conversion rate. A conversion can be an app install, a subscription, a ringtone download, etc. These conversions happen after the click takes place and the better the ratio between the clicks and the conversion, the more valuable your inventory will be.
    Whether we talk about CTR or conversions, it’s important to have an engaged user base. The more transparency you can provide on the kind of users you have, the better. This also allows advertisers to send more suitable campaigns your way, which in turn increases engagement. For instance, if you developed a mobile game, running gaming advertising in your app might yield much better results than something unrelated to your users’ interests.
While the above only reveals the tip of the iceberg, it should already give you some ideas on what you can do to make your traffic more valuable. Make sure you contact your Smaato account manager, who will be able to give you customized advices on how you can maximize the revenues of your mobile inventory.

Written by Leon Ridderbroek

Leon is Smaato’s Senior Manager of Demand Partners for the EMEA region. He manages our key demand partners and supervises account management.

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