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Posted by Georg Fiegen on January 31, 2014
Smaato Ad Quality

As many of our publisher partners may have observed, increased Q4 demand can have a propensity to highlight Ad Quality as a general industry issue. On this topic, here are some of the key items to keep in mind:

  • Process: There are 2 parts to the process of detecting and solving this issue:
    1. Three key items needed in order to identify most Ad Quality issues: Time Stamp, Session ID and Screen shot if possible
    2. Next we recommend the following steps:
      1. Always ask your demand partners about Ad Quality SLA and process before they are allowed to access your inventory.
      2. Share the 3 key elements with either the partner in question or with all demand partners that you work with.
      3. The information will allow each partner to zero in on the bad advertiser and block them.
      4. If the issue repeats and source is known then either requests that partner block that source before proceeding or block the actual demand source completely.
      5. The only way to re-introduce any returning demand partner should be based on a slow ramp period.
  • Product: Some of your demand partners will also allow you to have access to tools for detecting such violations. Most likely asking the demand partner to share what products they use will also give you confidence needed to proceed.
  • People: This is the most important piece of the Ad Quality puzzle as this requires support and response from people supporting the publisher. Most importantly the demand partner needs to have an escalation process in place based on response times from the account managers assigned onwards.

What are we doing at Smaato to address this problem in Mobile and programmatic ecosystem?

  • Process: Smaato operations team has established processes for identifying the source of a bad ad and tracking around violations. This really comes down to response times on first violations and educating our publishers with the method of tracking and detecting the violators.
  • Product: Smaato is currently using an in-house tool for tracking ad quality violations based on actual Creatives being served through RTB based on each bid response. We also plan to roll out additional third party tools internally in the near future.
  • People: Smaato’s account management and Ad operations teams work closely towards tracking the violators and educating both on demand and supply side to create blocks and approval processes. As the need grows Smaato will introduce self-serve tools for our publishers and account managers inside the Smaato Platform.

Written by Georg Fiegen

Georg is Smaato’s Chief Operating Officer, leading operations, market quality and sales engineering teams.

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