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Increase your Revenue and eCPM with Smaato’s new Postitial Ad Unit

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Posted by Asher Kaplan-Dailey on May 3, 2013
Adding Postitial to your Android™ applications generates click-through rates 3-5 times industry average, thereby increasing your ad revenues without compromising the user experience. Publishers who have already integrated this new, full screen ad unit are seeing a 5x average increase in eCPMs and a 10% overall revenue uplift. Moreover, Postitial fully supports standard ad formats for performance and branding campaigns from ad networks and DSPs.
"Partnering with IQzone enables Smaato to offer a plug-and-play post app mobile advertising solution for Android smartphones and tablets. Through this technology, user experience will be enhanced which will lead to higher monetization and significantly higher eCPMs for our publishers,” said Smaato COO Georg Fiegen.

The Postitial User Experience

The Postitial User Experience

Publisher Benefits

  • New ad slot creates new inventory for publishers to monetize
  • Incremental ad revenues complement existing mobile advertising
  • Average eCPMs 3-5 times higher
  • No impact on user experience
  • Ads do not appear at launch or during levels
  • Works with medium rectangle (300x250) and full screen ads
  • Supports rich media and video ads

Simple Integration

  • Quick and easy integration process!
  • Contact Smaato for activation
  • Works with all Android devices

Contact Smaato for activation via this link: Customer Contact

Download the IQzone/Smaato Case Study

Written by Asher Kaplan-Dailey

Asher is a Senior Project Manager at IQzone, involved in marketing, content creation, account management, and overall operations.

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