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Improve your revenue by optimizing the Viewrate and Beaconrate

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Posted by Robert Pilz on August 13, 2013

In many cases, a technical check can help you to considerably increase your performance. This month our publisher team wants to share two critical aspects to check on your end: the Viewrate and Beaconrate.

The Viewrate

The viewrate is the relationship between served banner URLs to the user and the actual called banner URLs from the user. Usually the viewrate (view ÷ served) should be above 90%.

We advise you to check the statistics in your Smaato Publisher Portal for a big discrepancy between the served ads (Requests x Fillrate) and the Views.

If you encounter a discrepancy higher than 10% please try to find out why or contact us via your PSSP portal so as to identify the problem together.

We usually identify 2 typical reasons for this:

  • A timeout threshold on a server to server integration
  • An IP/User-agent mismatch between request and views
  • A low beaconrate

The Beaconrate

Smaato often sends out beacons within the ad-response. A beacon is small 1x1 pixel image URL wich in most cases is used by Smaato or the Adnetwork partners to count and monetize ad impressions. A missing beacon call typically means that the depending banner-view (or click) won't be paid.

In case of API integration please double check if you call all beacons that will be delivered.

  • For XML: please make sure you parse and forward the beacon URLs within the beacon tags to the user
  • For HTML: please make sure you forward the full HTML response with the beacon URLs at the end to the user

To sum up, a low viewrate and a low beacon rate can have a negative impact on your revenue performance level. A quick check in your statistics can make your ad revenue increase up to 20%.

If you have any questions, please contact us via your PSSP portal.

Written by Robert Pilz

Robert is Smaato’s Senior Manager Sales Engineering. With solid and extensive technical knowledge, Robert provides technical support for clients and the team.

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