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How to Increase Your Mobile App Revenue

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on May 15, 2013
How to Increase Your Mobile App Revenue
Today's app developer has a number of different ways to monetize their property. Common strategies are the pay for download or premium offering, in app purchases which could include upgrades, additional tools or game advancement. The other, and probably most common source of revenue for app developers is to utilize their space for advertising. In this blog, we are going to focus on the advertising strategy, and talk about a few ways to really optimize your income with in app ads.

1. See it from their side- We'll get into some of the tips and tricks in just a second, but I'd like to start this conversation of ad monetization by getting you into the advertisers shoes. Think as if you are McDonalds, or Nike, and exactly what they are looking for when they decide to purchase ad space. Think of the marketing guy at BMW, sitting in his office saying, "I need to sell the new BMW 5 series. I know exactly what the profile of our normal buyer is, and I want to target that exact person, at a very exact time, when they are in a certain location". This is where mobile Marketing really hits the nail on the head, and where you, the publisher can really make income strides if you provide this advertiser with what they are looking for.

2. Location, Location, Location! Location information is probably the most important key piece of information you can pass to your advertisement providers. With local businesses starting to test out the mobile market, this is the first time they have had the capabilities to really get their ad in front of a potential customer as they are walking by their storefront. Advertisers understanding where the eyes that are on their ads are located at that specific moment is absolute gold when it comes to conversion; and they are willing to pay TOP DOLLAR for that information.

3. Unique Identifier- Advertisers are getting smarter and smarter. They get buy cycles, and understand the human psyche behind purchase patterns inside and out. This is where retargeting becomes huge in the mobile ad market. Advertisers can use this information to start to build profiles around the users that are seeing their ads. Retargeting campaigns are one of the most important strategies for advertisers, and being able to know that this person has seen this ad twice, and their data shows that the third view seems to convert very heavily for this specific product, they will be willing to dump a lot more money into that single impression. It also helps them understand better their own buy and sell cycles, and understand better what this specific user seems to click so they can provide similar ads, making the user experience much better. Better user experience and higher clicks on ads means higher CTR's for your app, translating into much, much higher CPM's and revenue for you.

4. Who's seeing these ads? Finally, one of the greatest pieces of information you can pass to a potential advertiser is around who this user actually is. There are a number of ways to gather this info. 1. You can actually collect this data yourself by having users create profiles for your app or game. 2. Utilize third parties such as Facebook to try to collect user data by having them sign in to your app using their profile. 3. Ensure that any average demographic information you have on your users is clearly defined to your advertising agencies or mediation platforms. They utilize this information to create a profile for your application and sell it to potential advertisers. For example, if your application is 90% male population, advertisers for mens apparel are likely to spend a lot of money for your ad space.

These are just a few of the ways that you can really maximize your advertising potential for the applications that you have poured your life into. Lastly, find yourself a good quality RTB Ad Exchange and Mediation Platform like Smaato to help you fill your adspaces with the highest paying ads possible.

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Written by Smaato Inc.

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