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Google's New Ad Push Policy - How It's Affecting Advertising

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on September 17, 2013

Google recently published a major update to their Google Play Store Developer Content Policy that will affect the way many application developers monetize their properties. The heaviest side effect of this change will be in the killing of AirPush and notification advertisements. But why is this so important?

Well, many application developers exploit the lack of Google's policies surrounding push ads and in-notification ads to help monetize their inventory. With these ad placements being completely gotten rid of, there will be a large gap in the revenue developers create for themselves from their inventory. This could effectively cut tens of thousands of dollars for applications developers that have been using this format for years leading up to this change. So the question is, what can be done now?

There is a new adspace that has recently been released that works primarily on the Android operating system. This comes in the way of Postitial ad placements. Postitial advertising comes in the form of presenting an advertisement to the user as he or she closes out of the application. As soon as the user hits the home button to leave the content, it is prompted to a full page ad space, which can be clicked out of simply by hitting the home button again, or touching the X button, prominently displayed at the top of the ad. These units are fetching huge revenues for developers that have implemented the space, and can be a great trade-off for the lost revenue seen with the change in Google's Policy. The best part... These ad units are being adopted by users in a great way. Performance on these type of ads are better than we see on most other types of adspaces because it's not affecting the actual usage of the application or game in the least. It's non-intrusive to app use or game play, and can provide a high paying, full page, rich media ad type.

For more information about Postitial ad placement, or if you are not yet on the Smaato platform, and would like to get access to these ad types, email matt@smaato.com

Written by Smaato Inc.

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