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Winner of Smaato Award 2008 Lands Carrier Deal

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on October 7, 2009

Smaato Award 2008DialPlus, the winner of Smaato’s Mobile Advertising Award in 2008 - a competition to search for the most innovative ad-enabled mobile content and applications - has released their first commercial DialPlus application, which is now available via T-Mobile USA’s web2go service on a variety of Windows Mobile and Blackberry Smartphones. A free downloadable version of their application can also be downloaded from the DialPlus website starting next week.

DialPlus enriches the standard phone call experience by automatically and simultaneously providing dynamic, contextually relevant visual information about the called or calling party before the call is answered, during the call and after the call is over.

Congratulations DialPlus. We are proud that the winner of the first Smaato Award has been so successful with T-Mobile and that it is the first Smaato ad-enabled application to be rolled-out on deck with a major US carrier. The idea of this competition is to give young mobile start-ups global recognition and visibility with VC’s and the media as well as providing introductions to key influencers in the industry – it clearly helped last year and we hope that this year’s winner will be equally as successful as DialPlus, said Ragnar Kruse, CEO & Co-Founder of Smaato Inc.

We were honored to be selected by the judges as the winner of the Smaato Mobile Advertising Award 2008. This was a strong validation of the DialPlus product vision that incorporated mobile advertising and winning the competition opened many doors for funding and business opportunities, said Lisa LeVasseur, CEO of DialPlus.

Read the entire PR here.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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