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Learn How to Configure Ads in Your Apps

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Posted by Jay Hinman on July 1, 2015
Learn How to Configure Ads in Your Apps

Getting advertising traffic running inside of your apps and websites should be as easy as 1-2-3, and at Smaato it’s our mission to make sure that after you’ve set yourself up on the Smaato Publisher Platform, you’ve got all that need to optimally configure the platform to start earning money your way.

To that end, we’ve created a simple new instructional video that helps you set up all the demand (i.e. advertising) that’s coming into, or about to come into, your apps. It’s the third in our series for publishers & app developers – watch #1 here and #2 here (or all of them, plus more videos, right here).

In “SMX Line Items”, you’ll learn how to:

  • Configure demand coming to your apps
  • Decide on an automated vs. a custom set-up
  • Create country-specific line items
  • Block a competitor’s ads from showing up in your apps
  • Decide on the CPM settings you want to use - and more

If you’ve still got questions after checking out our new video, well, we’ve got an entire suite of additional answers for you here. Take a look when you’ve got a few minutes or before setting up/editing your campaigns, and you’ll absolutely find it helpful in maximizing the monetization of your apps.

Written by Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman is Smaato's VP of Marketing. He leads Smaato's global marketing team across its key locations in San Francisco, Hamburg, Singapore and New York.

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