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Google I/O: Smaato Releases New Versions of Android SDK and Dashboard App

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on May 12, 2011

- First-of-its-kind mobile app provides developers with real-time access to reporting dashboard

- New compatibility with Android Tablets and Android 3.1 enables app developers and publishers to dramatically improve monetization of apps and content

Smaato released a new version of Android's SDK as well as their Publisher Dashboard App for Android. The two solutions are now compatible with Android Tablets and Android 3.1 to provide app developers and publishers greater opportunities to monetize their apps and content.

Now available on the Smaato Publisher Portal, the new Android SDK Version 2.3 features support for leaderboard, skyscraper and medium rectangle ads for Android Tablets as well as a redesigned sample application for both phones and tablets. The SDK sources ads for worldwide mobile inventory from more than 60 ad networks.

With the widest range of free SDKs available, Smaato’s latest updates to its in-app advertising solution now offer over 20,000 Smaato-registered publishers access to increased revenue through higher CPMs and fill rates across Android Tablets and Android 3.1.

In addition, Smaato’s free Publisher Dashboard App, originally designed to enable mobile app publishers to view their app performance in real-time, has been updated to run on Android Tablet now benefitting publishers with a larger screen size. This new version is available today on the Android Market as well as on the Smaato Publisher Portal.

For Smartphone:

For Tablet:

Download entire PR here.

Written by Smaato Inc.

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