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The Smaato Blog

The Smaato Blog

Arne Schipper

Arne is Smaato's Director of Core Technology. He manages the teams who develop the Smaato exchange platform, as well as some architectural decisions.
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Microservices: Are They the Right Architecture for You?

Posted by Arne Schipper on July 29, 2015

These days, many across our industry and others are talking about microservices. It’s one of the buzzwords of the moment, even though the topic as such has a far longer history. With companies like Netflix, Gilt and LinkedIn, among others, drawing attention to this architecture, many smaller companies find themselves confronting this very issue. With cloud providers offering more and more microservice support, and with tools and frameworks evolving around this topic, we at Smaato have also been asking if this is the direction we’d like to go.

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