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The Smaato Blog

The Smaato Blog

Ajitpal Pannu

Ajitpal Pannu is Smaato's Chief Business Officer. Ajitpal has a strong background in business development and product strategy from digital advertising technology companies such as OpenX, AdaptiveAds, Adify and Google DoubleClick. At Smaato, Ajitpal helps maintain a strong foothold in mobile RTB and drives the core business and product strategy for its supply and demand business.

Recent Posts

What NOT to Expect in 2016

Posted by Ajitpal Pannu on January 4, 2016

I was asked to write a piece on what we could expect in 2016 from mobile advertising. Naturally before even starting, I had already read many predictive pieces from some really smart people in the mobile, advertising or ad tech space. Instead I decided to focus on what not to expect.

The unicorns and anything ad tech related have been attracting more negative than positive attention throughout most of 2015. So the obvious question becomes what do we forecast for 2016 that will have a positive impact on Smaato’s team, company and direction? How do these predictions impact sales, product or overall strategy? To approach these questions, I am going to share what I think we will not do in 2016 and what I think will have a positive impact on our industry.

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Moving Beyond Header Bidding To Increase Transparency and Revenue

Posted by Ajitpal Pannu on October 7, 2015

Header bidding has quintupled over the past year, according to estimates. Its meteoric rise reflects a fervent desire across the digital media industry for a truly unified programmatic experience, in which multiple demand sources can simultaneously bid on inventory, rather than “waterfalling.” While a step in the right direction, header bidding, otherwise known as “advance bidding” or “pre-bidding”, still falls well short of the programmatic ideal, which is why Smaato has integrated competition within the ad server itself.

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Real-Time Advertising Platforms: Do They Exist?

Posted by Ajitpal Pannu on June 9, 2015

Recently my team and I were forced to dig deeper into the term Real-Time Advertising (RTA), since our natural first reaction was to ignore yet another industry term. It was interesting what we discovered. A few of us in Smaato Product and Marketing stepped back from building products and running campaigns to look into the RTA topic, and discussed its relevance to Smaato.

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Looking Ahead to Mobile & Programmatic in 2015

Posted by Ajitpal Pannu on October 20, 2014
The mobile advertising industry has and continues to experience tremendous growth. Thanks to some of the big social publishers like Facebook who have highlighted the amount of spend advertisers are allocating towards audiences on mobile globally. Similarly here at Smaato, we have seen tremendous growth where advertisers are also looking to capture audiences across mobile devices globally. This increased spend is not just in the social category but also in other major IAB categories.
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