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Symbian and Feature Phones buck the trend and see growth in CTR Index

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Posted by Smaato Inc. on May 13, 2010
Symbian and Feature Phones buck the trend and see growth in CTR Index

- Symbian dominates US CTR – 2.7x higher than iPhone
- Europe's best mobile advertising performer is Windows Phone


April's metrics show that Symbian and Feature Phones have bucked the global drop in click-through rates, both registering growth. In the US, Smaato's metrics reveal that Symbian dominates the region in terms of CTR's, 2.7x higher than its closest rival, Apple's iPhone. The data acts as further proof that there's more to mobile advertising than the iPhone, even in its largest market, the US.

Smaato's metrics are based upon 40 mobile ad networks and over 6 billion ad requests served in the Smaato Network of more than 4,000 registered mobile publishers in April 2010.

Worldwide CTR Index (Click Through Rate) by Handset Operating System

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 1: Smaato Index – Operating System CTR (Click Through Rates) worldwide, April 2010

The performance of different operating systems in April shows Feature Phone handsets continue its consistent rise in CTR's (134 up 9 from March), closing the gap on Symbian (157 rising just a point from the previous month). The remaining operating systems saw drops in the index, as CTR's decreased across the globe.

The Index consists of the average CTR of all devices and this number is set to 100.

Despite Feature Phone's gains, Symbian's remains the leading OS in terms of click through rates worldwide, with more than double the click through rate of iPhone. Putting this into perspective, we have to consider the sheer number of Symbian devices compared to Apple devices, but it should also serve as further proof to advertisers that the iPhone is far from the be-all and end-all in mobile advertising.

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 2: Smaato Index – Operating System CTR (Click Through Rates) worldwide, January-to-April 2010

Fill Rate Worldwide

Smaato's metrics demonstrates the performance of mobile ad networks globally and the fill rate is measured as the percentage of ads delivered per ad request and varies by different factors, like country, device and content type.

The ad networks are not published in the monthly Smaato metrics, but are revealed in the dashboard of registered Smaato publishers reporting and analytics tools (www.smaato.com/signup).

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 3: Smaato Index – Fill Rate of Mobile Ad Networks (worldwide), April 2010

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 4: Smaato Index – Fill Rate of Mobile Ad Networks (worldwide), January- April 2010

The fill rates of the global top 10 ad networks, dropped from March to April, with the global average dipping to 26% from 28% in March. There are still six ad networks performing above the average but the gap between the best performing three has closed significantly, from 40% points between AN1 and AN3 to just 11% points.

The average for worldwide ad network fill rate performance dropped slightly from March to April (28% to 26%). This data helps to prove that an ad network aggregation system can help partners achieve the best possible return and the highest possible fill rate, across the globe.

Spotlight: USA vs. Europe

Follow Smaato's recent focus on South East Asia, it has turned spotlights on the USA and Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) in order to compare how the western markets line up against each other in terms of operating system click through rates and ad network fill rates.

Click Through Rates

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 5: Smaato Index – Operating System CTR (Click Through Rates) USA, April 2010

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 6: Smaato Index – Operating System CTR (Click Through Rates) Europe: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, April 2010

The differences in CTRs in USA and Europe are apparent from the charts above. In the USA Symbian dominates the market (339) with more than 2.7x higher CTR index than its closest rival, Apple's iPhone (125). Europe, however, tells a different story with Windows Mobile taking a surprise lead in terms of CTRs (126), closely followed by the iPhone (122), pushing Symbian in to third (111). This data helps to show that even in it's home markets, the iPhone, while still strong, is not the top performing OS in terms of CTR – which could well be one of the reasons Apple is looking to try to re-invent mobile advertising to engage its users.

Fill Rates: USA vs. Europe

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 7: Smaato Index – Fill Rate of Mobile Ad Networks (USA), April 2010

The average fill rate of mobile ad networks in the USA rose again from March (41%), to 46% in April, almost double that of the worldwide average. However, despite the average increase, only three ad networks out of the top 10 performed above this, with most of the ad networks suffering from a drop in fill-rates, reflecting the worldwide decline.

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 8: Smaato Index – Fill Rate of Mobile Ad Networks (Europe: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain), April 2010

In Europe the average fill rate (25) is much closer to the worldwide average of 26% and again similarly to the ad network fill rates worldwide, six of the top 10 ad networks performed above the average. Similar to the US, Europe has three ad networks performing significantly stronger than the rest, with 22% points separating the top ad network (93%) from the third strongest network in Europe (71%)

Ad Network Response Time worldwide

Smaato has taken another look at the response time of the top-performing ad networks in the Metrics for April 2010. The top 15 ad networks show a broad spectrum of performance.

Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics
Chart 9: Smaato Index – Response Time for Mobile Ad Networks (worldwide), April 2010

The fastest response time in April increased to 25 milliseconds, from 11 milliseconds in March. In April there was significantly less of a difference between the top four ad networks with only 13 milliseconds separating AN1 and AN4. The drop in performance from March is noticeable as five out of the top 15 performed below the average, compared to three in March.

Publishers should consider response times when adding several ad networks within a page load and therefore an allotted time to fill the ad space reserved.

This is a significant consideration for mobile publishers as for them, the best user-experience comes with the fastest loading time of a mobile web site or for in-app advertising. If an ad is requested from a mobile ad network and no ad is available, then a faster response time allows sending this request to one or more ad networks for a chance to get an ad delivered.



Smaato predicts $1.5 B Mobile Advertising spend in 2010

South East Asia is a potential Powerhouse for Mobile Advertising

Smaato published a white paper, written by Nick Lane, Chief Analyst at mobileSQUARED, on the mobile advertising market in South-East-Asia. The white paper can be downloaded at www.smaato.com/whitepaper.

The white paper, based on new research from mobileSQUARED, reveals information on the mobile Internet boom in Asia. In 2010 more than 400 million people will have access to the mobile Internet and the average mobile Internet user across Asia will generate 26.47 page impressions per day. This means that users in Asia will be producing over 15 billion page impressions on a daily basis, including Japan and China. The total spending in the mobile advertising market is predicted to be about $1.5billion for 2010.

"The Asia-Pacific region shows a huge potential for growth in the mobile advertising space. We are proud to have established a Singapore presence already in 2009 and will continue to hire to grow our local team. As the Smaato Metrics and this white paper show – this is a complex market which has its own rules and requirements. We welcome partners that help us continue to grow the mobile marketing economy together, stated Ragnar Kruse, CEO & Co-Founder of Smaato."

Written by Smaato Inc.

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