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New Video: APAC is Fertile Ground for Mobile Publishers

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Posted by Adella Tan on October 5, 2015

In this first in a series of video interviews with Smaato APAC's Managing Director, Malcolm Wong, we take a look at the different opportunities and challenges facing mobile publishers in the APAC region, as well as the key developments in mobile advertising as it has evolved over the past 10 years.

Asia Pacific, despite being highly fragmented with regard to language, has seen a boom in app development across virtually all geographies. Countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia and India have become app development powerhouses, and Smaato works with thousands of publishers and advertisers in the region. We are now globally connected to more than 90,000+ publishers, 390+ demand partners and 600+ million monthly active unique users.

Take a look at this short interview with Malcolm Wong, and you'll get a sense of how these markets are helping drive strong monetization for the next generation of mobile publishers & app developers.


Written by Adella Tan

Adella is Smaato’s marketing and PR lead for the APAC region. She handles all events, communication and marketing activities in her region.

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