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Real-time Data for RTB Auctions Globally on SMX

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Posted by Garrett McGrath on April 15, 2014
Real-time Data for RTB Auctions Globally on SMX
Smaato’s global mobile RTB exchange (SMX) displays real-time auction data for our DSP partners. Smaato now offers real-time business intelligence data on all auctions, enabling DSPs to make more informed decisions about campaigns running across the Smaato exchange.

Key features:
  • Full visibility into SMX inventory and performance in real-time
  • Custom filtering options that allow you to compare Smaato’s traffic at a granular level by real-time hour, day or week
  • Real-time traffic and audience insights that are available by ad size, carrier, device, OS, all the way to user demographics
  • In real-time access to key RTB metrics like number of auctions and average winning bid displayed graphically
  • All data is available in real-time
If you are a currently integrated DSP or in the process of onboarding, here are some real-time metrics best practices to keep in mind:
  • Every campaign within SMX has its own targeting criteria, however some of the most commonly used filtering options for DSPs are geography and demographics like age and gender and you have the ability to access and make real-time decisions
  • Use SMX’s Real Time Dashboard to monitor fluctuations in supply throughout the day; supply tends to increase in the morning and after work hours as highlighted in Smaato’s Q4 2013 RTB report
  • In Q1 2014 SMX saw higher spend on Wednesday and Fridays compared to other days of the week, a trend you can see in your real-time dashboard (more to come in our next release of Q1 2014 RTB report)
Dashboards typically have long latency that limits the decision making the programmatic world of mobile RTB exchanges. The value of stream processing lies in the ability to provide a closed-loop system that analyzes the event and reacts in real time. Smaato DSP dashboard is your real-time dashboard that is live, available and running!

Written by Garrett McGrath

Garrett is Smaato's Senior Vice President, Product.

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