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The Smaato Blog

The Smaato Blog

Smaato’s SDK Update Offers Six New Native Ad Templates

Posted by Bertrand Rothen on January 28, 2016
The advertising industry is abuzz about native advertising - if you're still new to native ads, check out our previous posts on native advertising in mobile and native ads with Smaato.

Native ads are attractive to publishers because they boast higher eCPMs and deliver better revenues than standard ad placements. Sounds compelling, right? There is one drawback, however - the technical realization of native ads is more complex than other ad formats.

Whereas image ads simply require single image creative plus a beacon that is called and displayed, native ads usually contain multiple creative pieces that need to fit the requirements of the native ad property. This means that larger-scale integration of native ads has been quite cumbersome for app developers…until now! Smaato set out to make this process a lot easier for you - enter our Native Ad Templates! 

With our newest iOS SDK (8.0.4) & Android SDK (5.0.2) updates, you're now able to integrate six pre-defined native ad layouts (as outlined by the IAB, and represented in our SPX Platform) as templates into your app, saving you approximately 80% of setup time! 

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Getting Started With User Acceptance Tests

Posted by Gerd Rohleder on January 22, 2016

In our quest to develop the most efficient, full featured mobile-first advertising platform, it has become evident that Smaato's development team had to adopt user acceptance tests (UATs). Manual checks done directly in releases or integrations tests on small parts of the application wasn't sufficient enough to minimize risks for bugs. Besides, we couldn't afford to take a full day to do complete round trips or tests for a feature. UATs allowed us to run those crucial tests in an automated fashion and focus on quality.

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The Adoption of Programmatic Buying in China

Posted by Mandy Ang on January 6, 2016

The development of programmatic media buying in China has become very visible in the last few years. Programmatic buying promises Chinese advertisers dramatic improvements in both efficiency and targeting.

In our first installment of our Bite-Sized Mobile Insights, I spoke with Smaato’s APAC Supply Senior Director, Delynn Ho, regarding the state of programmatic buying as well as the related opportunities and challenges in China.

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What NOT to Expect in 2016

Posted by Ajitpal Pannu on January 4, 2016

I was asked to write a piece on what we could expect in 2016 from mobile advertising. Naturally before even starting, I had already read many predictive pieces from some really smart people in the mobile, advertising or ad tech space. Instead I decided to focus on what not to expect.

The unicorns and anything ad tech related have been attracting more negative than positive attention throughout most of 2015. So the obvious question becomes what do we forecast for 2016 that will have a positive impact on Smaato’s team, company and direction? How do these predictions impact sales, product or overall strategy? To approach these questions, I am going to share what I think we will not do in 2016 and what I think will have a positive impact on our industry.

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5 Tips to Solve the Mobile Monetization Challenge

Posted by Smaato Inc. on December 21, 2015

Adopting the best strategy to monetize your mobile app or website can be very complex and overwhelming, yet at Smaato we've been helping mobile publishers and app developers monetize their mobile inventory worldwide since 2005. Based on this experience, we’re uniquely able to recommend some best practices that can bring a significant impact to the revenues you can generate with your mobile property. Here are five mobile monetization tips to help position you for success in 2016:

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Case Study: Live Tiles & Smaato Make Windows Phone Revenues Sing

Posted by Jay Hinman on December 11, 2015

Continuing our series of case studies with key publisher partners who are successfully monetizing their app inventory with Smaato's SPX, we now have a new case study available with Live Tiles. They're one of the top app developers in Thailand, with four mobile applications launched to the public and a combined total of more than 30 million downloads. Notable apps include GMaps+, Music+, Ringtones+ and Tube HD Download.

Prior to working with Smaato, Live Tiles were using Windows Phone Ad Mediator, and Smaato happened to be one of the few platforms that supported Windows Phone. Smaato’s professional and informative website interface, coupled with the opportunity to reach out to more than 420 demand sources around the world helped seal the deal. SPX provides Live Tiles with the opportunity to gain full control over the monetization of their inventory and the types of advertisements being displayed in their apps. 

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2016: The Year Mobile Advertising Graduates

Posted by Garrett McGrath on December 10, 2015

In the world of online advertising, 2012 could probably have been called the “year of mobile.” It had been about to happen, we’d been told, for several years. Sure, mobile advertising existed before this, but in this period something palpable changed. It could no doubt have been measured in spend and in budgets allocated to mobile, yet there was also an underlying attitude change. Mobile was real. It was suddenly a true market, with the big players starting to realize that mobile was not just a matter of shrunken processes and different ad units.

Fast forwarding to the present time…mobile is obviously real. As it moves much faster than online did, it’s so real that there seems to be a low-level nervousness about knowing “What’s Next.” The industry, if it were a team, is about ready to switch from Norming to Performing. Not as many obvious innovations, not as many left or right turns, and not as many bold claims. A lot of refining, with a lot of growth. Moreover, it’s the point in time where mobile ad tech completely divorces itself from its display origins and stands independent.

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Case Study: How Ximad Uses SPX Customization To Boost Fill and eCPM

Posted by Jay Hinman on December 2, 2015

We've just published a new case study that looks at how one of our key publisher partners, Ximad, uses our SPX platform to easily customize and manage their inventory.

In 2015 we’ve had enormous success in driving the right advertiser traffic to their popular downloadable games like Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, and the results speak for themselves. 

You’ll read in the case study how Smaato, using both high-touch account management and the extremely low-touch customization tools available within SPX, more than doubled the traffic Ximad was providing due to an increase in both fill rate and eCPM. This resulted in a nearly 2000% increase in revenue month over month. It also touches on the importance of passing the proper parameters to enable advertiser targeting and high eCPM; in this case, Location and Device ID were the two most important data parameters for Ximad. 

The case study is free to download and read here.

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Sharing Our Experience With Scala at Smaato

Posted by Stephan Brosinski on November 26, 2015

One year ago we in Smaato's data engineering team decided to use Scala programming language instead of Java for all new applications. This decision was driven by a number of reasons. First, the software we’ve been using in this space (Spark and Kafka) is predominantly developed in Scala. We need to have a good grasp on the language to work with these tools to contribute and extend them. Furthermore, our development team was pushing to use a modern language, and Scala's functional aspects lend themselves well to the kind of problems we have to solve.

Being able to seamlessly interface with Java code allows us to leverage our existing code base and work with other teams at Smaato. This is a good moment to reflect on the transition and talk about our learnings.

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Q&A with Paul Kemp from The App Guy Podcast

Posted by Jay Hinman on November 24, 2015

We’re big fans here at Smaato of Paul Kemp’s The App Guy podcast, and recently had the good fortune to have our own Ajitpal Pannu interviewed on the show about ad blocking, native advertising and mobile app monetization in the modern age.

Given that readers of this blog are also savvy publishers and advertisers attuned to the world of global app development, we thought we’d turn the tables a bit and interview Mr. Kemp ourselves. He’s a guy who lives and breathes this world, publishing multiple episodes each week with leading market-makers and innovative start-ups within the app economy. Our thought was that he’d be able to shed some strong light on the state of mobile app development and mobile advertising in late 2015, and we were right.

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